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Shop Floor Control

Shop Floor Control

Gain greater plant & shop floor control through real-time visibility to people and machines.

  • Reduce time spent gathering reports
  • Eliminate handwritten lists & “tribal knowledge”
  • Automate data collection
  • Real-time ERP updates
  • Easily view job or work order information
  • Streamline workflows & increase labor efficiency
  • Collect Data from PLC, Machines, Scales, Ovens and more
  • Access data and reports quickly and easily
  • View queued jobs, track completions, monitor runtime & print labels
  • Real-time updates to your ERP
  • Visibility to Work in Process
  • Configurable to your unique requirements
  • Meets OPC industry standards
  • Multi-language interface
  • Easy-to-Use Touchscreen HMI automation

Improve Processes

From viewing queued jobs to tracking completions, your data is always available through one easy-to-use interface. Improve on planning and tracking functions with data pulled directly from your ERP. Have access to WIP, machine stats and labor efficiencies whether you are running in a Discrete or Repetitive environment.

Implementation To Meet Your Needs

Implement as a complete stand-alone solution or integrate to compliment your existing ERP or Business System.