Shop Floor Control

Shop Floor Control

Gain greater Plant & Shop Floor Control insight through real-time visibility. From viewing queued jobs to tracking completions, your data is always available through one easy-to-use interface.

  • Reduce time spent gathering reports
  • Eliminate handwritten lists & “tribal knowledge”
  • Automate data collection
  • Real-time ERP updates
  • Easily view job or work order information
  • Streamline workflows & increase labor efficiency
  • Collect Data from PLC, Machines, Scales, Ovens and more
  • Access data and reports quickly and easily
  • View queued jobs, track completions, monitor runtime & print labels
  • Visibility to Work in Process
  • Configurable to your unique requirements
  • Meets OPC industry standards
  • Multi-language interface
  • Easy-to-Use Touchscreen HMI automation

Improve Processes

Improve on planning and tracking functions with data pulled directly from your ERP. Have access to WIP, machine stats and labor efficiencies whether you are running in a Discrete or Repetitive environment. Radley’s Shop Floor Control solution can be configured to reflect your unique processes and work flow. See job or work order information, report completions, labor, print labels, change setups, perform inquiries, report scrap/rework—all in one touch screen UI.

Implementation To Meet Your Needs

Implement as a complete stand-alone solution or integrate to compliment your existing ERP or Business System.

3 Benefits of the Intelligent Shop Floor