Shop Floor Control

Your Competitive Advantage

It’s no secret that manufacturing becomes more competitive every day. As a result, companies face pressure to meet customer demands while producing high quality goods at lower cost. Without real-time shop floor control, how can you meet these challenges and maintain your competitive edge?

Gain greater Plant & Shop Floor insight through real-time visibility from Radley’s Shop Floor Control (SFC) solution. Automate the collection and reporting of valuable Shop Floor data to make continuous improvement a reality. 

Real-Time Visibility to People & Machines

Real-time production monitoring allows focus on what matters in your job shop. Track WIP, machine stats and labor efficiencies while minimizing time spent on reporting. Radley’s Shop Floor Control software is configurable to reflect your unique processes. This is true whether you run in a discrete or repetitive environment. 

  • Reduce Time Spent Gathering Reports
  • Eliminate Handwritten Lists & “Tribal Knowledge”
  • Streamline Workflows & Increase Efficiency
  • Reduce Errors & Long Term Costs
  • Improve Reaction Time

Improve Processes

Use as a stand-alone solution or integrate to fill gaps in your existing ERP’s functionality. See critical information all in one touch screen dashboard. Our configurable, multilingual user interface makes it ideal for a diversified workforce.

Robust Functionality

Radley’s Shop Floor Control management software utilizes Kepware® middleware technology. Kepware meets OPC Industry Standards to communicate to machines, scales, ovens and more.

Improve on planning and tracking functions with real-time reporting capabilities. Radley easily integrates with existing systems to create a single system of record. For example, integrate your ERP, legacy or homegrown systems. Plus, pull data from automated handling equipment, retrieval systems, MES or proximity sensors.

  • Collect Data from PLC, Machines, Scales, Ovens & More
  • See WIP, Queued Jobs & Completions
  • Track & Report Runtime & Downtime
  • Print Labels
  • View Job or Work Order Information
  • Change Setups
  • Report Scrap/Rework
  • Collect & Update Labor Data

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