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Are you spending too much time manually exchanging business documents with your trading partners? These manual processes result in data errors and wasted time. If this describes your company, the time has come for EDI software.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) replaces emails, phone calls and paper-based exchanges. As a result, speed and accuracy increase, while lowering costs. To this end, Radley offers a variety of EDI solutions and services.

iR*EDI B2B EDI Software

iR*EDI business-to-business software automates business transactions. Specifically, maintain trading partner compliance and improve productivity without increasing staff. So you can end time-consuming manual tasks and error-prone data entry.

iCARaS Automotive EDI Software

Designed specifically for the automotive industry, iCARaS simplifies release accounting, demand reporting, shipping labels & more. Streamline communication between you and your trading partners, so you can stay compliant, eliminate redundancy and reduce costs.

iSC Supplier Collaboration

Manage risks to your supply chain through Radley iSC. For instance, gain visibility to inventory replenishment through an easy-to-use web-based portal. Achieve all this, regardless of your suppliers’ EDI capabilities.

Make EDI Software Work for You

Streamline, Automate & Comply

Benefits of EDI Software from Radley

  • Reduce inventories
  • Shrink order fulfillment cycle times
  • Decrease the need for IT resources
  • Comply with trading partner requirements
  • Increase efficiency  
  • Simplify accounting, reporting & shipping

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Legacy EDI Replacement Adds Visibility

We used to have an EDI crisis every week, now all is fully automated. I love it. We were never able to send future orders and now we are sending those as well.

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K2 Sports
Heaven Hill
Diamond Pet Foods
Durham Manufacturing
Land O’Frost
Shiloh Industries
Calsonic Kansei
Warren Distribution
Aspen Surgical

Choose the EDI deployment option that’s right for you: Hosted, On Premise or Cloud Based

What is EDI Software?

EDI software document transferEDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. EDI solutions allow for the transfer of business data and documents from one computer system to another.

These may include purchase orders, ship notices or invoices, just to name a few. Fast and reliable, EDI replaces mailing and faxing documents between trading partners.

Benefits of EDI
As a result, companies can realize many benefits. These include reduced errors, less costs for labor and paper supplies, and faster order processing.
For example, EDI technology can lower overhead costs and increase document processing speed. Also, it can result in more positive relationships with business partners. Seamless, B2B integration improves responsiveness and adds visibility to orders, invoicing and shipments. 
EDI Formats
EDI standard formats allow computers to understand the information exchanged between trading partners. Businesses use a special EDI translation software to translate the EDI formats. Then the companies’ internal applications, business system or ERP uses that information.
Outsourced EDI
Do you want an outsourced management system? Let Radley help through Managed EDI services. Radley can automate and manage functionality, from EDI translation to EDI mapping.
This reduces the burden on you in-house IT staff. Also, Radley can setup an integration solution for a VAN, or value-added EDI network to simplify business processes. 


4 Benefits of Advance Shipment Notices Through EDI
Manufacturers face a shifting competitive landscape. So real-time, streamlined communication in your supply chain is key to a competitive advantage.
To better streamline communication, consider ASN, or Advanced Shipment Notices. ASN is an electronic document sent through an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software solution.
It ensures shipment tracking along all processes and movements in your supply chain. As a result, companies can end phone calls, email, and paper-based interactions. Here are 4 benefits of using ASNs.
1. Simplicity
Making the leap to ASN and electronic documents is simple with the help of experts. A unified information system eliminates redundancies in your processes. Also, it makes possible for companies to track materials along the supply chain. So, this lessens the chance of lost packages, calls to locate materials, or estimating arrival dates.
2. Increased Accountability
Suppliers will now know that you have reliable and consistent data. Visibility to your materials is available at any point along the supply chain. Thus, making it easier to identify supply partners that are inefficient or inconsistent.
Besides, you can either end or improve relationships with that supplier. Dealing with issues along the supply chain is an advantage for manufacturers who need consistency.
3. Inventory Efficiencies
Many manufacturing companies adopt lean or just-in-time manufacturing practices. These require absolute efficiency and transparency along the supply chain.
ASN makes it easier to create a lean supply chain. For instance, you can control the arrival of raw materials required for production. Plus, knowing where your product is prevents unnecessary backup inventory. In turn, this lowers inventory costs.
4. Improved Customer Interactions
Finally, ASNs will prevent uncomfortable and sometimes damaging interactions with customers. These may result when your manufacturing stops due to supply chain issues.
If material or product gets delayed somewhere along your chain, you will be able to assess the situation right away. Plus, you can use a proactive approach for communicating the problem to customers. Also, once the glitch in the supply chain gets identified, you can use another conduit to fulfill customer needs.
If these benefits interest you, ask Radley’s EDI experts for your free consultation. We have over 40 years’ experience implementing EDI for customers around the world in multiple industries. Also, we can integrate EDI transactions to your ERP software for a single system of record. 
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Is your customer asking you to use EDI? Have you heard of EDI software but aren’t sure how it would benefit your business? 
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