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Complete B2B EDI Software

Radley’s iR*EDi (pronounced I Ready) B2B EDI software automates business transactions, eliminating time-consuming manual tasks.

  • Eliminate manual entry of orders, ASNs, and invoices
  • Maintain trading partner compliance
  • Integrate inbound and outbound transactions
  • Comply with industry and customer requirements
  • Improve productivity without increasing staff


Reduce or end manual tasks while meeting compliance standards. For example, schedule repetitive tasks directly from iR*EDI. Also, automate labeling and shipping for pallets, containers and parts.


Streamline communications while improving customer service and managing your suppliers. Plus, gain real-time visibility into key data, errors and events. See your important KPI’s through Radley’s configurable dashboard.


With Radley, you’re always compliant to trading partner requirements. We format your EDI transactions to your partners’ unique EDI specifications. Then, if those specifications change, we automatically update the maps.

Compliant EDI for Manufacturing

iREDi Document Journal

Are You Prepared for a Document Audit?

We’re focused on being your Total Solution provider. As such, we’ll handle all aspects of your project, from mapping to translation. Our expert team has decades of EDI experience with manufacturers all over the world. Put our B2B ecommerce experience to work for you!

Radley software is flexible to meet your specific needs. Configure to your industry, your process and your unique workflows.

  • Resend outbound transactions
  • Reprocess inbound transactions
  • Archive & retrieve files
  • Rerun reports without overriding existing data
  • View document status by user defined formats
  • Define processing and archiving levels
  • Recall document statistics & numbers
  • Store received or transmitted document information

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Why Use B2B EDI Software?

Are your suppliers or customers are asking you to use EDI? If so, you may be unsure of how it would benefit your business.

If you’re asking “What’s in it for me?” Here are a few benefits of EDI that you might expect to see.

First, let’s recap. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the exchange of information in electronic format between business partners.

This information is in the form of business documents. These may include purchase orders, invoices, or shipping notices. EDI replaces postal mail, fax and email for business to business document exchange.

Electronically exchanged documents need a standard format for sending and receiving. This is so that the computers can understand the documents. There are many EDI industry standards including ANSI x12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS and others.

Businesses use an EDI translator to translate the information into an EDI standard format. This standard formatting ensures that their internal applications can use the EDI data.

Cuttings Costs
EDI can be key to reducing costs from purchasing paper used for document processing. Also, you can cut the labor costs. For example, EDI reduces time spent manually entering data and processing paper documents. In fact, some estimates suggest a savings of at least 35% on transaction costs.

Get More Revenue from Customers
Being able to quickly process orders and other documents means better customer service. In turn, you’ll be seen as a company that is easy to do business with. Thus, this could win you more business in the long run.

Faster Payments
Manual processes like mail, email or fax are slower than electronically sending documents. Also, EDI documents are much more likely to be accurate. So, you can end the back and forth of correcting data errors. As a result, you could see faster invoice payments and better cash flow.

Gain a Competitive Edge

When selling your services to new prospects, you need every competitive advantage. The streamlined, accurate, and secure process of EDI means advantages for your prospects. For example, some studies claim that EDI cuts administrative response time by 61%.

These are just a few of the benefits an EDI solution can provide. As your supply chain grows, you may add new business partners. But the right EDI company can help you navigate their compliance requirements through comprehensive EDI services.

Plus, your EDI vendor can offer options for B2B integration solutions. These include cloud or on premise deployment. Also, it may be worth exploring outsourced EDI managed services. In that case, you vendor handles the day-to-day maintenance and updates to your EDI system.

Many options exist for optimizing your business processes. Data exchange through EDI is a proven technology that creates real results.

Automate your business transactions with Radley’s EDI platform of solutions. Contact Radley’s EDI experts and get started on your path to digital transformation.