Production-Oriented Solutions for Manufacturers and Distributors.

Radley develops and implements Manufacturing, Warehouse and EDI software solutions aimed at improving efficiency and productivity for your business.

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Increase Visibility. Be Accurate. Scale Faster.

ENDEAVOR Process Automation Solutions Connecting Your Business, Equipment, and Workforce.

Real-Time Data to Increase Productivity

Increase visibility and gain control of your business processes through real-time barcoding software from Radley. The Radley ENDEAVOR platform of integrated Manufacturing & Warehouse solutions fills the gaps between your business systems, equipment and workforce.

Our scalable solutions let you choose the functionality you need now, and add on as your business grows.

  • Improve inventory accuracy
  • Reduce waste, rework & scrap
  • Drive labor efficiency
  • Capture key performance data from machines & equipment
  • Track the production process from raw materials to finished goods
  • Manage capital & fixed assets
  • Automate label printing
  • Implement paperless workflows
  • Streamline & automate processes
  • Analyze production, product quality & downtime

Endeavor Supply Chain Solutions Platform

Radley’s barcode solutions give you real-time information to optimize production, personnel and machines. Capture data throughout your manufacturing processes with software to analyze production, product quality and downtime. Or automate your warehouse with our stand-alone or integrated solutions for warehouse and distribution centers.

The ENDEAVOR platform of solutions is a great option for companies looking to automate specific processes within their manufacturing or warehouse environments, without the investment of a full MES or WMS software.

For a full MES solution, view the CAI ShopVue MES solution.
For a full WMS solution, view the CAI ROC WMS solution


When Your ERP Isn't Enough

Don’t get locked into software systems that charge for functionality you don’t need, or make you follow pre-defined workflows. Instead, optimize your processes for maximum productivity.

Radley solutions merge many tasks into one simple workflow, with real-time data collection. Integrate Radley’s barcoding software system to your ERP software for a single system of record. Or use Radley as stand-alone solutions to automate your warehouse or manufacturing operations.

Designed for Your Needs

Don’t change the way you do business to follow the menu structures of an ERP system. Radley’s ENDEAVOR solution platform offers unparalleled flexibility and performance. Choose from our scalable and configurable solutions to address your specific needs: your industry, process and unique workflows.

Optimize & Improve Your Supply Chain

Gain real-time information to optimize and improve production, personnel and machines. Reduce manual efforts, mitigate risk and eliminate errors in your supply chain processes.

Why Choose Radley?

  • Configurable solutions: Designed to work with your unique business processes
  • Scalable: Choose one solution or many depending on your needs
  • Total Solution Provider: Software, Hardware, Implementation & Training
  • 40 years’ experience in multiple industries

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