WIP Tracking

Job Tracking Software

Monitor Work In Progress

Real-Time Traceability

Radley’s WIP tracking functionality dramatically improves traceability, productivity, accuracy, and value of your work-in-progress. Track raw materials to finished goods, in real-time, while automatically updating your ERP with our warehouse management software.

Real-Time Visibility

Automatically collect data from barcodes, RFID and machines to provide detailed visibility into production status. Time-stamp each process step along the way, identifying user, workstation, shift, machine and more.

Benefits of Radley WIP Tracking

  • Gain visibility to the operation/point of routing of materials in process
  • Detect errors and prevent mistakes, ensure only the correct materials are used
  • Provide costing for WIP at any operation completed regardless of backflush points
  • Ensure information is shared between departments
  • Analyze current and historical data to evaluate KPI’s
  • Ensure you get the right hardware for your workflows

Configurable To Your Process

Scalable and configurable to your unique workflows, Radley’s manufacturing solutions capture data throughout your process. Enforce FIFO (first in, first out) of the material as it moves through manufacturing operations; automatically generate real-time alerts when standard process flows are bypassed.

If you’re ready to improve visibility to your work in progress, contact a Radley product specialist today!