Barcoding Software

Manually collecting data from the manufacturing floor leaves the opportunity for human error. And these errors may skew your key productivity information. Radley’s barcode software solution streamlines data collection. Thus, you can ensure accurate and complete reporting.

RFID & Manufacturing Barcode Software

Easily capture data in your warehouse and manufacturing operations. Then communicate this data with your back-end business system(s). Also incorporate Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or manufacturing barcode software for real-time information exchange.

Configurable To Your Workflows

Based on your specific process, Radley consolidates many tasks into one simple workflow. First, workers follow the software prompts. Then Radley technology validates data, updating your system behind the scenes–all in real-time!

Scalable To
Your Needs

Use Radley as a stand-alone solution, or combine with other Radley solutions. As a result, you can significantly reduce errors, wasted time and manual efforts. Radley data collection offers the mobile capability for Windows and Android devices. Also, you may use traditional handheld terminals and a web-based user interface.

A barcode scanner uses barcode software in insure real-time date collection.

Real-Time Data Insights for Productivity

Gain real-time insights into your manufacturing process. Track materials and processes, from receiving, to the production line, to shipping:
  • Track data forward and backward in your supply chain. Capture raw material properties including lot, supplier and quality data.
  • On the shop floor, collect labor metrics against jobs. Also track work in progress, and check OEE from PLC, machines, and equipment.
  • Streamline warehouse processes like cycle counts, picking, and packing.
All this from an easy-to-use, multi-language interface! Use Radley’s barcode software as a stand-alone solution. Or integrate with your ERP or back-end business system for a single system of record.

By partnering with Radley we were able to fill one of the biggest gaps in functionality from our legacy ERP system and IFS.  Since our go-live Radley has continued to provide us with this support we need as we evolve our overall solution so that we can gain maximum efficiency and functionality from our data collection devices and the employees that use them.

Max Speyer

Director of Information Systems, Tennsco Corporation

Benefits of Radley Data Collection

  • Drive Efficiency – Perform inventory inquiries, reprint labels and download pick lists. And do all this from mobile computer hardware
  • Exchange Real-Time Data – Bring the IoT (Internet of Things) together. Connect multiple systems, databases, equipment and machines
  • Maintain Compliance – Automate labeling processes. Also configure to meet requirements such as: GS1, FDA, GTIN & more
  • Gain Control of Your Processes – View WIP (work in progress). And gain real-time visibility into consumption and finished goods

Streamlined Picking Process

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Labeling Completes the Solution

zebra zt420 printer barcode labeling softwareIncorporate integrated labeling to your data collection solution! Radley offers many options for labeling software and hardware. Choose label designing and printing for a wide range of environments and industries.
Benefits of barcode labels are many. First, streamline each stage of your processes to boost efficiency. For instance, you may automatically print labels during production. Also generate labels during each stage of receiving, inventory and shipping. Meanwhile, add real-time updates to your ERP. Next, meet compliance demands including GS1, SSCC, GTIN and FDA. Finally, create custom labels, from customer address labels to BOL and packing lists.

Learn more about Data Collection Software

Find more information on automated data collection and barcode software. Select an article or visit Radley’s blog for helpful manufacturing articles.

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  • Warehousing/Logistics
  • IIoT
  • EDI
  • and more!


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