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Why Manufacturing Needs Real-Time Data Collection

Modern manufacturers throughout the world juggle several complex problems on a daily basis. From logistics to distribution, manufacturing companies are tasked with keeping track of a wide range of materials, equipment, and resources. Not to mention overseeing labor, government regulations, and other business imperatives.

Tracing and Tracking

Because manufacturers are required to account for so many moving parts, a real-time monitoring system to trace and track materials is essential to stay competitive. Without the right software solutions to account for assets moving about the warehouse or shop floor, manufacturing operations can be hamstrung by inaccuracies that can cost time and money.

The Value of Real-Time Data Collection Systems

A real-time data collection system can help warehouses achieve maximum productivity. This is true whether it’s used as stand-alone solutions or through an integration with a comprehensive ERP system. Real-time manufacturing data collection makes it possible to streamline data entry, improve daily operations, and manage inventory with greater flexibility and control.

Real-time data collection systems can collect, validate, and report upon data gathered from barcodes, tags, and RFID systems. Serial number tracking, and audit history can be accomplished and accounted for at a moment’s notice. The system connects data from the warehouse and manufacturing operations to back-end business systems.

Real-time shop floor data collections helps warehouses fuel business through maximum productivity. Collecting data from production processes allows manufacturers to make significant strides across a wide variety of metrics. These include improving product quality, greater compliance and traceability, prolonged equipment lifespans, faster cycle times, and highly accurate inventory control.

Beyond the shop floor, real-time data systems also make it possible to deliver actionable insights through powerful business intelligence, across the supply chain. Reporting in real-time allows manufacturers to be more responsive to sales quotes and pricing requests. They can also achieve greater cost control accuracy and visibility, and accurately benchmark productivity levels throughout a facility.

The Right Solution for Your Business

Without a real-time data collection system in place, manufacturers risk being hamstrung by manual processes that make it difficult to remain competitive. It’s true that real-time data collection software improve performance that can lead to attracting new customers. But it can also greatly reduce the number of mistakes made through the reliance on handwritten labels, physical paperwork, and other error-prone workflows.

Real-time data collection software makes it easy for warehouses and manufacturers to capture and communicate information. The software connects with a wide range of ERPs, databases, machines, and other back-end business systems. By adopting a data driven solution, manufacturers can enjoy the benefits of an efficient, flexible, and customizable system that streamlines operations, boosts efficiency, and reduces errors. Contact Radley today to learn more about why manufacturing needs real-time data collection.

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