Warehouse Management

Automate, streamline and error-proof your warehouse with Radley’s scalable WMS solutions. Choose the modules you need from our platform of solutions to meet your specific requirements.

  • Real-time inventory control, visibility & tracking
  • Task generation, directed put-away, order picking, & counts
  • Barcode or RFID data collection and validation
  • Product traceability, lot and serial tracking
  • Containerization, license plating, and product kitting
  • Machine metrics and performance reporting
  • Automated labeling to meet customer requirements
  • Direct EDI integration to process and manage transactions

Scalable WMS Functionality

Radley solutions are designed to work as stand-alone solutions or integrated with your business system. This eliminates the need to synchronize multiple systems, providing a single system of record.

  • Flexibility, configurability, scalability, and ease of use
  • Mobile hardware solutions
  • Automated error prevention, detection and alert notification
  • Built in external system integration
  • Multi-language user interface

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