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Automotive EDI Software

Streamline communication between you and your trading partners; stay compliant, eliminate redundancy and reduce costs. Designed for the automotive industry, iCARaS automotive EDI software simplifies release accounting, demand reporting, shipping labels & more.


Reduce or eliminate manual tasks while meeting compliance standards. Automate ASNs, manage and report on release history, and integrate shop floor and WIP labeling using automotive EDI transactions.


Streamline trading partner communications while you gain visibility to KPIs through a real-time dashboard. Support full release accounting, cumulative quantities (CUMs) and other scheduling requirements.


As a long-time AIAG member, Radley can help you comply with multiple EDI standards, including MMOG/LE. iCARaS is a Honda Blue Book Certified solution.

Automotive EDI Reporting

Analyze, Forecast & Comply

Quickly and efficiently focus on the information you need to see. Analyze demand, identify changes and be alerted to CUM discrepancies with iCARaS standard reporting.

  • Identify past due requirements
  • Provide real-time information to key personnel
  • Increase trading partner compliance and satisfaction

A Honda Certified Solution

Meet compliance requirements, streamline communications and reduce costs with Radley’s iCARaS EDI solution. Radley simplifies release accounting, demand reporting, shipping label printing and more for automotive customers worldwide.

Build vs Buy – Honda EDI Certification

  • Guarantee trading partner compliance
  • Streamline communications for Value Added Networks (VAN)
  • Minimize IT involvement in EDI activities
  • Real-time reporting dashboard
  • Flexible deployment options



Radley’s QuickShip solution adds even more functionality to iCARaS EDI, streamlining and simplifying the automotive shipping process.

Radley’s QuickShip solution adds even more functionality to iCARaS EDI, streamlining and simplifying the automotive shipping process.

  • Intuitive browser-based user interface
  • Integrates with scales, PLCs, machines and more
  • Stores historical shipment data in iCARaS
  • Tracks internal lot numbers
  • Supports an unlimited number of trading partners

Add Accuracy to Your Shipment Process


Integrate labeling into your shipping processes to eliminate manual tasks and decrease errors. Print customer specific shipping labels, build up pallet/container relationships and implement end-of-line labeling.

Shipment Validation

QuickShip captures and validates shipment information, verifying the accuracy of the product being shipped against the Shipper data in iCARaS EDI. Easily scan serial numbers into iCARaS for the ASN and create accurate Master/Mixed Labels, ensuring your shipment process meets trading partner requirements.

Total Solution Provider

Radley provides software, hardware and accessories, implementation and training from just one vendor. Complete the QuickShip shipment scanning solution with scanners and devices, printers and labels. Not sure what you need? Our EDI experts have the experience to evaluate, recommend, install, configure and support your hardware needs whatever your industry and environment.

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