Labor Tracking

Make the Most of Your Workforce

Are you wasting time roaming the shop floor to see the status of today’s order? Are your employees using spreadsheets or hand-written notes to record their work times? Optimize efficiency and increase employee productivity with Radley’s Labor Tracking software solution.
Put real-time labor data at your fingertips! Automatically collect time metrics against jobs, tasks, projects and work orders allowing labor and machine performance be measured, analyzed and reported against. Plus, gain insights into job costing, labor costs and project tracking.
The multi-language interface easily integrates with a diverse workforce. And your data is secure with role-based permissions. Implement as a stand-alone solution or integrate to your ERP for complete visibility.
  • Improve Workforce Efficiency
  • Eliminate Manual Errors
  • Easily Allocate Labor & Resources
  • Decrease Administrative Expenses
  • Have Real-time Data for Queries, Reports and Analysis
  • Monitor & Evaluate OLE
  • Improve Production Planning & Forecasting

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End time consuming, error-prone manual processes for tracking labor. Measure productivity, quality and OLE by implementing an automated labor tracking solution. Radley labor tracking software works to provide key information. As a result, you can make smart, data-driven decisions for your business.

Our easy to use, multi-language interface includes exception reporting, alerts and notifications. Your data is secure with role based permissions. Includes supervisor transaction reviews, complete transaction history and a powerful query.

  • Compare scheduled time versus direct or indirect time
  • Report against rework, scrap and completed quantities
  • Validate labor estimates against actual labor
  • Compare employee performance and productivity
  • Monitor machine usage, downtime and reason codes
  • Track operation start and stop times
  • Allocate work based on availability & skills