Labor Tracking

Make the Most of Your Workforce

Optimize efficiency and increase employee productivity with Radley’s Labor Tracking software solution. Put real-time labor data at your fingertips! Automatically collect time metrics and critical information. Gain insights into job costing labor costs and project tracking.
The multi-language interface easily integrates with a diverse workforce. And your data is secure with role-based permissions. Implement as a stand-alone solution or integrate to your ERP for complete visibility.
  • Improve Workforce Efficiency
  • Eliminate Manual Errors
  • Easily Allocate Labor & Resources
  • Decrease Administrative Expenses
  • Have Real-time Data for Queries, Reports and Analysis
  • Monitor & Evaluate OEE
  • Improve Production Planning & Forecasting

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End time consuming, error-prone manual processes for tracking labor. Measure productivity, quality and OEE by implementing an automated labor tracking solution. Radley software works to provide key information. As a result, you can make smart, data-driven decisions for your business.

  • Compare scheduled time versus direct or indirect time
  • Report against rework, scrap and completed quantities
  • Validate labor estimates against actual labor
  • Compare employee performance and productivity
  • Monitor machine usage, downtime and reason codes
  • Track operation start and stop times
  • Allocate work based on availability & skills