Inventory Control

Real-Time Visibility & Granular Tracking

Gain real-time visibility to your stock levels with Radley inventory control software. Radley’s powerful inventory management system includes built-in data collection. First, Radley fills gaps in existing ERP business systems. Second, Radley allows inventory tracking at multiple warehouses without ERP. Finally, you can fulfill the detailed reports your management team requires. 


  • Accurately Track Inventory
  • Streamline Tasks
  • Error-Proof Data
  • Manage Costs


Radley Inventory Control software allows you to manage unlimited items. And configure the dashboard to your unique industry and workflow. Rename fields, define types and generate personalized reports to fit your requirements. The Radley barcode system is ideal for medium to large companies.

Barcode Data
Collection Technology

Easily scan from the desktop application using barcode scanners or a mobile devices. Automate transactions and validate information streamlining receipts, inventory movements, physical counts and more.

Reports & Alerts

Make KPI’s accessible to management with real-time accuracy. For example, build complete audit trails, exporting to Excel or your ERP. Also receive alerts as items expire or for exceeded min/max quantities.

Functionality Highlights

  • Supplier Management
  • Role-Based Security Settings
  • Compatible with RFID or Barcodes
  • Multiple Units of Measure, UoM Conversion
  • Set Safety Stock Level
  • Inventory Costing/Valuation
  • Set Counting Rules & Tolerances
  • Multi-Language Interface
  • Location/Level Tracking
  • Document Upload/Attachment
  • Easy, “Click-Once” Install Across Multiple Stations

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Validated Shipping & Inventory

Learn More About Inventory Management

Inventory Management is just one factor of a real-time warehouse. Click the links below to learn more. Or check out Radley’s blog for the latest articles on warehousing and manufacturing.    

3 Inventory Control Challenges and Strategies to Overcome Them
Your company’s productivity hinges upon your ability to control your inventory. In particular, failure to manage your stock can lower your profit margin. Also, poor inventory control can decrease customer satisfaction.
If you’re struggling with these challenges, you’re not alone. In fact, many companies are unable to maximize their productivity. This is due to a variety of warehouse management problems.
To illustrate, below are three common inventory control challenges. Radley offers strategies that will help you overcome them and put in place stock control.
First of all, inventory loss is also known as shrinkage. Loss is typically the result of supplier errors, employee theft, or documentation errors. As a result, shrinkage cost businesses just under $50 million in 2016. Thus the need for an effective bar code stock control software solution.
Solution: Hire trustworthy employees and track inventory to detect patterns in slippage.
Furthermore, a lack of access to real-time data can effect customer satisfaction. Without access to accurate inventory levels, salespeople run the risk of over-promising customers. For instance, a remote salesperson may sell a product that is no longer available. 
Solution: Introduce a cost-effective inventory control solution software that facilitates real-time tracking. A data collection solution can provide visibility to inventoried items. Use mobile bar code scanners to complete the solution.
Finally, many factors can contribute to damaged product. These can include overcrowded warehouse shelves, improper storage, and product mishandling. As a result, this can lead to order delays, loss of revenue or employee injury. Also, damaged inventory can result in poor customer satisfaction, impacting your brand.
Solution: Manage product by reorganizing your warehouse. Introduce a pallet racking system, LED lighting, and safety training.
Inventory control challenges can sabotage your company’s productivity and tarnish your reputation. With this in mind, the best way to prevent these problems  is to invest in a trusted barcode software solution. Radley’s barcode inventory management software can help your company prosper. We invite you to get your free consultation and look forward to hearing from you! 
Proper inventory control, such as using barcode inventory software, helps streamline warehouse activities.

Real-Time Visibility

For inventory control with ultimate flexibility, Radley barcode inventory control software fills the gap. Avoid over- or under-purchasing while increasing customer satisfaction. Most important, have the ideal stock levels at one or multiple locations, all visible through a single interface!

Total Solution Provider

Radley is your total solution provider. You can choose to install barcode inventory software as a stand-alone solution. Or use Radley as a part of a larger warehouse automation effort to compliment an existing ER

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