Inventory Control

Real-Time Visibility & Granular Tracking

Do you need to fill a gap in an existing ERP or business system, track inventory at remote locations without ERP, or create detailed inventory reports? Gain real-time visibility to inventory levels through built-in data collection and inventory management software technology.


  • Accurately Track Inventory
  • Streamline Tasks
  • Error-Proof Data
  • Manage Costs


Ideal for medium to large companies, Radley Inventory Control allows you to manage unlimited items. Configurable to your unique industry and workflow; rename fields, define inventory types and generate personalized reports to fit your requirements.

Barcode Data
Collection Technology

Easily scan from the desktop application or a mobile handheld device. Automate transactions and validate information streamlining receipts, inventory movements, physical counts and more.

Reports & Alerts

Make KPI’s accessible to management with real-time accuracy. Build complete audit trails, exporting to Excel or your ERP. Receive alerts as items reach expiration or for when min/max inventory quantities are exceeded.

Functionality Highlights

  • Supplier Management
  • Configurable Security
  • Compatible with RFID or Barcodes
  • Multiple Units of Measure, UoM Conversion
  • Set Safety Stock Level
  • Inventory Costing/Valuation
  • Set Counting Rules & Tolerances
  • Role-Based Security Settings
  • Multi-Language Interface
  • Location/Level Tracking
  • Document Upload/Attachment
  • Easy, “Click-Once” Install Across Multiple Stations

Gain Real-Time Visibility to Your Inventory

For inventory control with ultimate flexibility, Radley Inventory Control fills the software gap. Avoid over- or under-purchasing, increase customer satisfaction and have the ideal stock levels at one or multiple locations, all visible through a single interface!