Solutions for FabTrol SystemsMobile Data Collection & More

FabTrol Pro logoRadley's mobile computing and bar code/RFID data collection is a complete business solution, scalable for companies wishing to automate Aveva FabTrol progress tracking and shipping transactions.

Using intelligent bar codes generated from FabTrol with designated prefix and multiple FabTrol data elements, progress tracking and shipping transactions can be easily performed from a data collection device and updated real time into the FabTrol database. Whether you need to track material location and status, measure labor and machine productivity, or automate receiving and shipping we can help you determine the right solution that will fit your needs.

Radley’s Solution Platform for FabTrol Systems:

JobSite Tracking Barcoding
Labor Tracking Business Activity Monitor
Traceability Hardware & Devices

Seamless Integration & Innovative Technology

Radley InterfaceIntegrated to FabTrol PRO or FabTrol MRP, Radley’s barcoding and data collection software provides a complete work force optimization solution. With configurable, intelligent prompting, your data is validated against the MRP/ERP database. Updates are made with each transaction as it happens—in real time—allowing you to take action while it still matters, ensuring every assembly is accounted for and all shipments validated and recorded correctly.

Experts in the Steel Industry

We are a full service provider with a team of in-house experts who possess extensive knowledge of the structural steel industry and provide everything from consulting, software & hardware configuration, project management to training and support.

Serving Fabricators, Erectors and Steel Product Manufacturers from around the world, you can count on Radley to think outside the box and offer innovative ideas to improve your processes and expand your existing FabTrol functionality.

Solutions for Steel

Talk to a Product Specialist at 616-541-6010.

Are You Looking For...

  • • Ways to track assemblies in real time from the factory to the job site?
  • Streamlined data entry and automated operations?
  • • Integrated barcoding and mobile scanning?
  • Load validation to eliminate shipping errors?
  • • Building Information Management (BIM)

How Your Business Can Benefit

  • Decrease errors with validated data, automated processes
  • • Achieve real-time visibility to work in progress (WIP)
  • • Reduce production time while increasing production volume
  • Improve visibility to material location and status
  • • Increase efficiency and have less waste