Containerization & Kitting

Group, package and track related items to speed manufacturing and enhance the audit trail. Implement containerization as a complete stand-alone solution or integrate to your existing ERP or Business System.

Functionality Highlights:


  • Build Up Part/Pallet/Container Relationships
  • Mixed Container Tracking
  • Associate Multiple Data Elements With A Single Scan
  • Serial/License Plate Number
  • Perform Multiple Transactions with One Scan
  • Track lots, perform queries and run reports


Simplify the number of scans and transactions to be performed during your process. Build up pallet and/or containerization relationships for the Receipt, Movement, WIP, and Shipment of materials and products.


Provide just-in-time inventory when and where it’s needed, eliminating risk of data error, damage, loss or pilfering. Simply scan related items and create a label before issuing to assembly.

Link Data with
License Plating

Create a serial or “license plate” for a container or kit using our powerful IntelliLabel® technology. Receive, move or ship each product with a single scan of the container license plate.

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