Containerization & Kitting

Group, package and track related items to speed manufacturing and enhance the audit trail. Use Radley’s kitting software as a complete stand-alone solution or integrate to your existing ERP or Business System.

Functionality Highlights:


  • Build Up Part/Pallet/Container Relationships
  • Mixed Container Tracking
  • Associate Multiple Data Elements With A Single Scan
  • Serial/License Plate Number
  • Perform Multiple Transactions with One Scan
  • Track lots, perform queries and run reports

Benefits of Radley Kitting Software


Simplify the number of scans and transactions to be performed during your process. Build up pallet and container relationships for the receipt, movement and shipment of items.


Provide just-in-time inventory when and where it’s needed. Plus, cut the risk of data error, damage, loss or pilfering. Simply scan related items and create a label before issuing kits to assembly.

Link Data with
License Plating

Create a serial or “license plate” for a container or kit using our powerful IntelliLabel® technology. Receive, move or ship each product with a single scan of the container license plate.

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How is Radley Containerization & Kitting Software Used?

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