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Aptean logoBusiness to Business EDI
Many companies already using an EDI translator are now searching for a solution that not only productively manages the data exchanged with their trading partners, but also tracks related priority activities. Powerful and cost-effective; Radley's EDI for B2B solution provides users with real advantages now, and with support for XML and Web services, positions them for growth in the future.

Automotive EDI
The requirements placed on suppliers by automotive, heavy truck, off-road manufacturers, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) necessitate an EDI solution that allows you to quickly and accurately respond to each customer's demands and be flexible to adjust to the ever changing scheduling demands of the "just-in-time" marketplace. We realize speed and efficiency is paramount, and no company can afford to be complacent. With iCARaS, you not only can meet your automotive EDI needs but also reach your goals for efficiency and productivity.

Radley’s Solution Platform for Aptean DTR:

Business Activity Monitor Supplier Collaboration

Business Activity Monitor
Well informed decisions are made when your business professionals are provided with clear, actionable intelligence. Radley’s Business Activity Monitor provides your operational staff, managers, and business analysts’ real-time visibility into the progress and performance of your ongoing business processes, allowing them to make better business decisions and take the appropriate corrective action when necessary. Radley’s BAM is a visual intelligence layer providing real-time display of operational accomplishments.

Experts in the Industry
We are a full service provider with a team of in-house experts who do everything from consulting, software configuration, implementation and project management, to training and support. Our consultants have traveled all over the world helping manufacturers within numerous industries to evaluate, document and implement EDI, MES and Warehouse Automation solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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  • • Increase visibility into daily operations
  • • Eliminate manual intervention
  • • Reduce redundancy
  • • Identify & resolve inefficiencies
  • • Relieve strain on IT resources