4 Benefits of Kitting Software

Efficient manufacturing requires a commitment to streamlining every aspect of the manufacturing process. By asserting greater control over the methods by which parts and materials are stored, gathered, and distributed, manufacturers can better ensure that products are being assembled accurately with the highest degree of speed and accuracy.

What are the benefits of kitting software? Containerization and kitting software gives manufacturers the ability to efficiently collect, organize, and distribute products and parts used in the manufacturing process. Consolidating multiple item transactions down to a single scan, containerization can greatly reduce the number of movements and shipments required for inventory and finished goods, while kitting groups together multiple components and assemblies required on the shop floor.

Taken together, containerization and kitting can help manufacturers avoid errors, streamline operations, and efficiently keep production moving. Here are four benefits of containerization and kitting software:

1. Part, product, and container relationships

Containerization and kitting enable related items can be conveniently grouped and packaged together. This can be far more efficient than supplying items individually. Through a single scan, employees can quickly see which items are contained within a particular container or pallet, giving manufacturers finely tuned workflow visibility.

2. Improved efficiency and accuracy

By grouping parts together during the manufacturing process, assemblers won’t need to spend additional time seeking and identifying parts on their own. Not only does this sure that the right parts are always available, but it can also limit the number or type of parts employees are able to access, reducing the potential for errors throughout the manufacturing environment.

3. Real-time data and visibility

Using Radley’s IntelliLabel technology, containerization and kitting software treats serialized bar codes as “license plates,” turning a single scan into a treasure trove of transaction data. Used to verify customer shipments, assembly information, and other manufacturing details in real-time, kitting processes help provide a comprehensive audit trail that greatly improves tracking and traceability. Plus, you can add in integration to warehouse management system or ERP for a single system of record.

4. Modern paperless workflow

Rather than relying on disparate databases, spreadsheets, and manual data entry, manufacturing companies can boost productivity through intelligent labeling and scanning. By making it possible to reduce the number of items that need to be scanned or entered manually throughout the production process, manufacturers can improve shop floor speed and accuracy while producing quality real-time data that can be used throughout the organization.

To learn more about how Radley’s containerization and kitting software can work as a stand-alone solution or integrated with an existing ERP, contact us today!