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Gain Real-Time Visibility into Inventory Levels with the IIoT

nventory visibility is a critical need for manufacturers of all sizes. By understanding the precise quantity and location of items throughout a warehouse, manufacturers can improve the customer experience and ensure that operations are executed efficiently.

The Industrial Internet-of-Things gives manufacturers the ability to incorporate real-time inventory management. Through the integration of smart manufacturing capabilities, manufacturers can gain greater visibility into everything happening between the back office and the shop floor. Thus, ensuring healthy stock levels and improved productivity.

What is the Industrial Internet of Things?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) refers to the use of advanced sensors and applications that link machinery to the internet for increased process and efficiency enhancements. Smart machine-to-machine internet connectivity allows connected equipment to improve data integrity, measure efficiency, and identify problems by gathering digital intelligence in real-time.

At a practical level, integrating IIoT into warehouse operations helps identify the status of raw materials, finished goods, and equipment. This paints a comprehensive picture of how to make better business decisions. Connected equipment such as PLCs and scales work together to improve data integrity, measure efficiency, and identify problems in the supply chain.

What are some of the benefits of real-time inventory visibility through IIoT?

IIoT devices that deliver real-time visibility offer manufacturers an entire slate of benefits, including:

Improved accuracy.

By tracking common inventory-related activities using a network of IIoT devices, the complexity of multiple systems can be streamlined through a single solution. In turn, this better ensures accurate inventory measurements with fewer opportunities for human error.

High-quality data.

Collecting data through IIoT solutions can also be used to maximize efficiency, boost financial goals, and other metrics that can better serve daily operations. From measuring temperature thresholds to acquiring item locations, data can be maximized to identify quality issues or prepare manufacturers for audit risks.


IIoT automation also allows for effective production monitoring without the need for additional employees and managers. OEE and OLE metrics can also be observed directly from the dashboard, stopping the need for manual calculations.

Radley has helped manufacturers implement cutting-edge technology solutions to improve productivity and efficiency for more than 40 years. For more information about the IIoT, download our latest whitepaper, “What Is the Use of the IIoT: The Basics of What the IIoT Means for Manufacturing.”

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