Radley’s trademarked IntelliLabel technology is a configurable and flexible serial number tracking system with an associated database. Track multiple data elements with a single scan of a serial “license plate” at any point in your process.

  • Create & Define Serial Statuses
  • Track Serialized & Commingled Lots
  • Consolidate & Minimize Transactions
  • Gain Real-Time Product Traceability
  • Track Containers, Sub-Assets & Associated Items
  • Full Audit Trail
  • System Generated or User Defined Serial Creation
  • Master, Mixed & Detail Labels
  • Powerful Query
  • Configurable Counters & Reporting

IntelliLabel Serial/License Plate

An IntelliLabel serial or “license plate” represents an item, asset or materials to which data elements collected during a process are associated. Whether you are collecting data attributes during the manufacturing of a product, the maintenance of an asset or completion of a job, multiple elements can be tracked against a single record and joined together, regardless if they are related or not.


The IntelliLabel technology within Radley’s Traceability and Containerization & Kitting solutions can be implemented as a complete stand alone solution or integrated to compliment an existing ERP that may not have the capability to capture and store additional data attributes. Link together as many items as you want and collect as many attributes as you can; drilling down into the spider web of data is simple and quick using the built-in query and reporting features. Easily search for recall data, access historical information and respond to audits.

Deli Meat Manufacturer from Massachusetts

Utilizing Radley IntelliLabel to simplify transactions, decrease the number of scans required and product traceability in case of recall, etc.

Using IntelliLabel Since 2001

Global Manufacturer of Security and Brand Products

Utilizing Radley IntelliLabel for tracking “touch points” of secure materials used in the production of licenses, passports, etc.

Using IntelliLabel Since 2011

Orthopedic Device Manufacturer

Utilizing Radley IntelliLabel for tracking the sterility process within manufacturing of orthopedic devices, surgical implants, etc.

Using IntelliLabel Since 2008

International Cheese Manufacturer

Utilizing Radley IntelliLabel for tracking the sampling and testing of finished goods.

Using IntelliLabel Since 2008

Electrical Product Manufacturer

Radley IntelliLabel is simplifying their transactions: IntelliLabel a pallet; scan to move the pallet while hundreds of transactions are executed behind the scenes, all from a single scan.

Using IntelliLabel Since 2009

International Shipyard Group

Using Radley IntelliLabel to ship and track Containers for projects

Using IntelliLabel Since 2012

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