Automotive Supply Chain Data Ecosystem

What is the Automotive Supply Chain Data Ecosystem?

Spurred by on-going needs of the automotive industry to track returnable containers between Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs, AIAG has recently formed a work group to address this issue. A new system has been developed called the Automotive Supply Chain Data Ecosystem. The system uses RFID tags on returnable containers, combined with RFID readers and a digital data platform to track containers as they move through the supply chain.

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As an automotive supplier, you may soon be required to implement the Automotive Supply Chain Data Ecosystem or a similar system to track returnable containers. An end-to-end RFID system from Radley Corporation can help you achieve compliance while providing additional data for your business.

Which System is Right for You?


As it only tracks when a container returns to the supplier site, the data hub included in the Automotive Supply Chain Data Ecosystem does NOT provide key information on your returnable containers:

  • Where are my containers located in the warehouse?
  • In what condition are my containers?
  • What is the total value of my containers?
  • From which vendor did I purchase my containers and when?
  • What is the total dwell and cycle time of my containers?

Radley’s Container Tracking with RFID solution lets you complete the circle with full access to your data. The Radley data collection solution fully integrates to the Automotive Supply Chain Data Ecosystem with no interruption to your business processes. You can comply with OEM requirements (Honda, Toyota, etc.) and meet AIAG standards too!

  • Track inventory
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Dwell & Cycle Time Reports
  • Complete Asset History

End-to-End RFID Solution

RFID portals SLSWith an RFID system from Radley Corporation, you can accurately track containers in seconds, decrease manual work, and reduce costs. Radley’s end-to-end RFID solution combines best-in-class RFID hardware from Zebra Technologies, Honeywell Intermec, and SLS with the software, or middleware needed to capture key data. Without middleware, you’re simply reading tags. Easily integrate sensor-based data capture and reporting with your ERP to track containers in real-time, boost accuracy and efficiency, view data and metrics, reduce material expenses, and meet compliance requirements.  


Radley solutions go far beyond simple RFID tracking. The Radley platform supports standard data collection (high volume) transactions, PLC integration and RFID portals as a single product. Our platform of solutions provide true data visibility throughout your facilities. Scale and configure the exact solution you need to meet your requirements and workflows. Minimize down-time, reduce labor costs and eliminate manual efforts by automating your asset tracking processes.

Easily collect, track, and process data from inside and outside the four walls, while updating your ERP in real-time. Gain visibility to key performance metrics from PLC-enabled devices, scales, sleds, machines and more for the critical data you need to drive process improvement. With full IoT connectivity, you can view real-time KPIs through a configurable dashboard.


  • Track Location of your Containers, Tools & Fixed Assets
  • Monitor Inventory Levels & Locations
  • Track Warranty Dates & Maintenance Schedules
  • Analyze Utilization, Lifecycle & Time Idle
  • Perform Spot & Cycle Counting
  • Meet Track & Trace Requirements
  • View OEE & OLE Metrics for Equipment & Labor
  • Track WIP with Real-Time Visibility Into Consumption & Finished Goods
  • Eliminate manual entry of orders, ASNs, and invoices
  • Track Goods with Pallet/Contents Labeling


From day one, our Implementation Methodology ensures your project goes smoothly. First, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Project Consultant. This is your point person to guide you every step of the way. Your consultant will work with you to create a plan that’s custom-made for your success:


We’ll take the time to get to know your business process and requirements, and understand your challenges.


Your consultant will determine which Radley solutions, hardware and devices fit your needs—for your company and your industry


We’ll prepare a detailed Statement of Work (proposed process, system configuration, transaction flows, timeline, etc.) so you know exactly what to expect—no surprises here!


Your software and hardware are installed and configured to your business processes. We’ll thoroughly test the implementation in a pilot environment to make sure it works perfectly before going live.


We’ll train your team to make sure you know how to make your investment work for you.

Get Started

If you’re ready to comply to OEM requirements, and add true data visibility throughout your processes, Radley is ready to help you achieve your goals

  • Reduce Loss, Theft & Pilfering
  • Manage & Control Critical Assets
  • Gain Real-Time Inventory Accuracy
  • Track WIP & Finished Goods
  • Boost Efficiency without Adding Staff

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