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Advantages of a Real-Time Warehouse

A real-time warehouse uses the most up-to-date technology to track operations. How can your warehouse operations benefit from real time data visibility?
Respond Rapidly to Data
On-going data analysis allows you to respond to information quickly and efficiently. You can immediately use this information to streamline processes. Also, you may discover new income sources and ways to improve revenue. Discover customer, employee and operational needs and take corrective action to improve functionality.
Maximize Productivity
Could your work force be more productive? Evaluate employee staffing and organization based on data in real time. Then discover ways to improve efficiency and productivity, streamline operations, and increase production. Finally, use task management to merge workflows and interleave tasks to increase efficiency.
Reduce Loss and Theft
Manage and control critical assets in your operation. Automatically track the location, condition, status and cost of fixed assets. These may include specialized tooling, equipment, returnable transport items and components.
Use asset management software to check them in and out using role-based security. View alerts so you’re always aware of key changes to low inventory, status changes and more.
Decrease Errors
Automating data collection throughout the supply chain ends manual tasks and decreases errors. As a result, your data is always accurate. An integrated labeling solution can eliminate handwritten labels and manual labor creation. Also, you can accurately track goods when they leave your warehouse.
Predict Demand
With timely insights, you’ll always know exactly what you have on the shelf. Cut labor intensive, manual data entry to eliminate unnecessary labor costs. At the same time, you can predict demand to increase customer satisfaction. Also, gain visibility to inventory stock levels to avoid over- or under-purchasing.
Real time analytics of your warehouse data can offer a wide range of benefits to today’s warehouse operations. When it’s time improve your operations, look to Radley’s platform of software solutions
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