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Task Management

Direct Your Workforce

Radley’s task management solution boosts efficiency and streamlines warehouse activities, creating significant labor savings. Consolidate multi-step tasks into a single workflow, reducing wasted time and effort.

Maximize Efficiency

Workers complete replenishments, put-aways, consolidations, cycle count and picks in a logical sequence, simultaneously. Tasks are efficiently combined, and sequenced to reduce deadheading, wait and wasted time.

Monitor & Manage

Radley’s solutions seamlessly integrate with your ERP or backend system. Automatically validate data, generate notifications and error alerts and, if necessary, escalate tasks.

  • Consolidate workflows and interleave tasks to increase warehouse productivity
  • Create tasks based on priority, security level, work zones, equipment requirements and more
  • Control the release and allocation of orders, replenishments and other warehouse activities


Functionality Highlights

  • Directed Picking, Put-Away & Replenishment
  • Configurable to Your Process
  • Integrates to ERP/Business System
  • Task Consolidation & Interleaving
  • Real-Time Visibility & Alerts
  • Collect & Monitor Task Data
  • Know When & Where Tasks Are Completed, & By Whom
  • Manual/Automatic Task Release & Allocation
  • Run from Work Station or Mobile Device

Find out how Radley’s Task Management can improve the speed, accuracy and efficiency of your warehouse. Contact a Radley Product Specialist today.