Toyota SCS Compliance

Comply with Toyota’s SCS Requirements

The Toyota Shipping Confirmation System (SCS) will require a new interaction with the Toyota supplier portal to communicate shipping and container information.

Radley Corporation makes it easy to comply with this directive!

Through Radley’s iCARaS QuickShip solution, an included Toyota SCS module will scan and communicate with Toyota, using the Toyota-provided API to the Toyota supplier portal website.

How Does it Work?

  • After your Toyota Shipping Confirmation System labels are printed via the Toyota website and applied to your shipping containers, shipping personnel scan these labels using a wireless handheld data collection terminal.
  • Radley iCARaS will then initiate communications to the Toyota API and upload the container information to Toyota’s website.
  • Toyota will then verify the container information and send a confirmation back through iCARaS.
  • The truck/trailer may be loaded, and the labels scanned again. Once completed, the label data will upload again to Toyota for approval.
  • Upon receipt of approval by Toyota, the truck may be closed, and the 856 ASN will be sent to Toyota.

Note:  If the Toyota system determines any issues with the container information that is transmitted, errors will be returned to iCARaS so that users may make corrections and resend the updated information.

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Radley’s ability to offer a quick, problem-free implementation, made our transition into the US automotive market less painful. Radley’s certified hosted automotive solution has met and exceeded all of our expectations.

Fabien Bourdon

ERP Project Manager, Saint Jean Industries