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Supplier Collaboration

You need to meet customer demands, reduce inefficiency and grow market share. Supply chain management software is key to making it happen!
Manage demand, reduce risk and gain visibility to supplier transactions. Radley’s iSC supply collaboration makes it easy and efficient.
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Meet Requirements
  • Improve Inventory Visibility
  • Guard Against Disruption
You’re In Control – Global Supply Chain Management via an easy to use Web Portal
  • Lower costs with full inventory visibility, including in-transit
  • Quick switch to an alternate supplier when necessary to avoid disruptions
  • Automate invoicing and buyer remittance
  • Produce detailed supplier performance reports
  • Meet industry & OEM requirements
  • View exceptions, track shipments & more
  • Manage releases, shipment instructions, POs and transactions
  • Eliminate manual data entry, phone calls, emails & faxes

Effective communication
is critical

Your business relies on suppliers to ensure efficient production and orders ship on-time. Learn how iSC can help you maintain your competitive edge.

Manage Sub-Supplier Transactions

Manage transactions with your suppliers—regardless of your sub-suppliers’ ability to support EDI. 

Streamline Communications

Transform your dated supply chain into a fast, efficient one. Electronically connect suppliers to easily execute business transactions, run reports and automate tasks.

Configurable to Your Needs

iSC solves supply chain challenges across a wide range of industries, including automotive. Support multiple purchaser and supplier locations. Integrate iSC to your existing business system or use as a stand-alone solution.

Supplier Collaboration – Necessary or Needless?

Functionality Highlights

  • Secure Company/User Login
  • Affordable & Easy-to-Use
  • Web-Based Solution
  • AIAG and MMOG/LE Compliant
  • Automated email alerts for critical events
  • Configurable to Multiple Schedule Types
  • Integrate using standard API’s
  • Sophisticated Security Controls
  • Print Shipping Labels

Learn More About Supply Chain Software

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3 Benefits to Using Supplier Management Software
It’s no secret that supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. Added to this are new regulations, increased customer demand and supplier globalization. EDI solutions may fill in some gaps in transaction management. However, it may not be ideal for smaller suppliers looking to streamline supply chain activities.
With these challenges, it’s now more important than ever to manage demand, reduce risk and gain visibility. This is possible through effective supply chain planning. The right supply chain management (SCM) software can enhance your business in ways you never thought possible, regardless of your sub-suppliers’ ability to support EDI.
Track Supplier Performance
Evaluating supplier performance is a critical step in avoiding inventory disruption, protecting your brand and eliminating unnecessary costs. The right software can provide real-time reporting on supplier performance. Everyone involved has visibility to key information, and it is all done in real time.
Research has shown improving the supplier-buyer relationship leads to faster problem solving, demand planning and collaboration on quality improvements. Also, streamlining supplier communication can allow coordinating payments for goods or services received.
Cost Reduction & Risk Management
Are you still using paper-based systems and manual data entry? These time-consuming and error-prone communication methods increase labor costs and expose your supply chain to delays and communication errors.
Supplier collaboration software provides tools to end these outdated systems. For example, you can reduce labor time and cost by eliminating phone calls, emails, and hand-keyed data. Too, the right software solution makes it easy for your supply chain partners to respond to demand. Finally, it can establish alerts for shipping, receiving and other events.
Inventory Visibility
Perhaps the best benefit of an SCM is collaboration itself. It allows parties throughout the supply chain to share real-time information and collaborate on decisions. This is especially advantageous when it comes to inventory management.
A SCM allows you to gain visibility to ordered, received and in-transit inventory. At the same time, your suppliers receive instant notifications of new orders. Then, your suppliers can take action to download and view demand schedules.
These are just a few of the benefits supplier collaboration software can offer. The impact of today’s complex supply chains demands dependable sourcing and cost management. Leveraging technology to address these challenges may help companies realize a competitive advantage.
Proper inventory control, such as using barcode inventory software, helps streamline warehouse activities.

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