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Securely and reliably exchange business documents with your business partners. Radley EDI VAN services use XML or traditional Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards. Plus, Radley provides continuous monitoring of network connections. As a result, you gain enhanced visibility to your EDI data.

Radley Value Added services through OpenText ICCnet/EasyLink provides real-time data delivery. Specifically, a Value Added Network (VAN) acts as a go-between. In short, it shares data through an electronic mailbox. Your benefits include:


  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Alert Notifications
  • Easy Access to Current Data
  • Consolidated Billing

Migrating Current Partners

Radley will make sure the migration occurs seamlessly and according to plan. First, we’ll outline a project plan. Then set up the OpenText solution with mailboxes and user IDs. Also, Radley ensures thorough testing of the system and communication protocols.

How could converting to EDI VAN services benefit your company?

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  • EDI Management Reporting Tools
  • Cost Effective, Fixed Cost Per Kilo Character Charges
  • Continuous Monitoring of Network Connections
  • Seamless Partner Migration
  • Superior Technical Support
  • Secure Connectivity: VPN, AS2, FTP, FTP/S, OFTP/OFTP2 and HTTP/S

Value Added Network Services

A value-added network (VAN) is a private hosted service for EDI translation. It provides companies with a secure way to exchange business-to-business EDI documents. In short, it opens a channel to move data while preserving data integrity. Also, a VAN service lets you optimize your supply chain management process.

In turn, this yields better efficiency and cost effectiveness.  Using a VAN automates communication between trading partners. Additionally, the VAN offers many formats for EDI translation. As a result, each trading partner can use the data format best suited for their organization.

value added network services OpenText logoRadley VAN Services are available through OpenText Trading Grid Messaging Service (formerly EasyLink). The OpenText service provides an electronic mailbox. This gives you one connection point with real-time delivery of all your EDI and Non-EDI data. Radley VAN contracts offer benefits and services including:

Cost Savings

VAN solutions through Radley and OpenText provide continuous monitoring of network connections. EDI management tools offer enhanced visibility to your EDI data. Plus, you could realize significant cost savings over what you currently pay for other VANs.

Technical Support

Both Radley Corporation and OpenText strive to provide superior technical support. Radley provides certified, first line support during business hours. Then, OpenText Support services handles off hours support for VAN services.

Document Standards

Send documents can in the latest XML standards or traditional EDI document standards. This enables successful transmissions and receipt of your trading partner data.

THANK YOU for recommending ICC.NET/EASYLINK as our EDI VAN…Using the ICC.NET/EASYLINK solution is a 60% savings!

Joe Urbauer

Business Systems Administrator, IMS Companies, LLC

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