EDI Solutions

Van Services

Real Time Data Delivery

Securely and reliably exchange business documents using XML or traditional EDI document standards. EDI VAN services solutions through Radley and OpenText provide continuous monitoring of network connections and EDI management tools that offer enhanced visibility to your EDI data.

Radley EDI VAN Services through OpenText provides real-time data delivery through an electronic mailbox giving you:


  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Alert Notifications
  • Easy Access to Current Data
  • Consolidated Billing

Migrating Current Partners

Radley will make sure the migration occurs seamlessly and according to plan, including outlining a project plan, setting up the OpenText solution with mailboxes and user IDs, and thorough testing.

How could converting to solution VAN services benefit your company?

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  • EDI Management Tools
  • Fixed Cost Per Kilo Character
  • Continuous Monitoring of Network Connections
  • Seamless Partner Migration
  • Superior Technical Support
  • Security Connectivity: VPN, AS2, FTP, FTP/S, OFTP/OFTP2 and HTTP/S