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What are the benefits of EDI

Electronic data interchange (EDI) software solutions allow companies to run modern, efficient operations. Using electronic documents for business transactions, EDI solutions eliminate time-consuming manual tasks. What are the benefits of EDI?

Logistics providers and other stops along the supply chain rely on speed, accuracy, and dependability. Consumers and businesses alike expect seamless business transactions, communications, and customer experiences. Companies that fail to deliver on those promises risk losing out to the competition. 

Outdated manufacturing processes can hamstring any supply chain operation. Manual paperwork and data entry techniques leave room for error. As a result, this can result in inefficiencies that ultimately leave customers disappointed.
An end-to-end EDI solution can replace email, phone calls, and paper-based processes. EDI simplifies accounting, streamline communications, and boosts productivity.
Benefits of EDI systems include: 
  • Intelligent order processing. Eliminating manual entry from the equation, EDI automatically generates and sends purchase orders to a buyer’s system
  • Faster business cycles. Electronic order processing reduces the time required for product delivery. As a result, manufacturers can put in place just-in-time inventory models. This lets them quickly deliver products to customers. 
  • Accurate data. Manual processing leaves room for handwriting errors, keying mistakes, and other inefficiencies. These can slow down and corrupt business practices. Automatic data transmission removes guesswork and human error from everyday processing of business documents. 
  • Cost savings. Automation allows businesses to reduce the costs of paper, storage, and manual entry of information. Thus, boosting productivity and raising the bottom line. 
  • Increased customer satisfaction. Improved transparency, higher accuracy, and faster communications let manufacturers provide higher-quality customer experiences. EDI also lets manufacturers meet trading partner requirements. With compliance in place, supplier relationships are strengthened.
Radley makes it easy to integrate EDI to ERP systems. Request your free consultation today, or learn more about what are the benefits of EDI on our resource page, What is EDI?.
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