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What is MMOG?

Materials Management Operations Guidelines Logistical Evaluation (MMOG LE) sets global standards for suppliers. The standards help address current issues within the supply chain. It also provides tools for businesses to check their practices against the standard. Best practices for Materials Management constantly evolve in an effort to increase efficiency and accuracy while reducing costs.
Radley is proud to be part of the MMOG/LE work group, helping manufacturers to implement these standards. The assessment work group includes representatives from OEMs, suppliers and service providers working to assist manufacturers with implementing these standards. Radley is a member of Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) with employees serving on committees such as MMOG/LE for over 9 years.

We can help you become and stay compliant.

We can help you become and stay compliant.

AAIG is an example of Supply chain management companies

Radley’s platform of EDI, MES and WMS solutions can help you implement global MMOG guidelines. As a result, your company can increase productivity, manage risk and see cost savings. Since 1974, Radley has helped our customers automate workflows to run as “lean” as possible. Our platform includes compliant EDI and supplier collaboration. In addition, Radley provides real-time traceability and software to streamline shop floor processes. Our development team updates our solutions to include the latest trends and requirements.

Although developed for the auto industry, any manufacturing organization can use MMOG standards. The standards allow companies to evaluate supply chain effectiveness and efficiency. Adhering to the standards offers many benefits to manufacturers:


  • Gain control of supply chain processes
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs, freight, lead times and line shutdowns.
  • Support continuous improvement
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Reduce supply chain risks

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MMOG/LE Best Practices

AIAG and Odette International developed MMOG/LE . The MMOG sets a standard for evaluating supply chain management processes. Using this standard, companies can evaluate and improve their supply chain processes. The tool contains nearly 200 assessment criteria. These criteria allow for bench marking against industry best practices. By streamlining and improving operations, manufacturers and suppliers reduce costs, waste and workloads.
Want to get started with AIAG MMOG/LE guidelines? Automotive suppliers should attend AIAG/Odette MMOG/LE standard training. This will help you plan to improve efficiency and effectiveness in your materials management practices. Then you can complete the MMOG/LE assessment tool. This tool will help you identify gaps in your practices and prepare action plans.
Radley can provide you with tools to make MMOG/LE work for you. For instance, MMOG standards require an EDI system and data collection solution:
  • To track inventory, speed replenishment and access real-time inventory visibility
  • Sub-suppliers receive electronic schedules and return electronic advanced shipping notifications (ASNs)
Radley has over 40 years’ experience with the automotive industry. Our expert team can help you implement a total EDI solution, deployed on any Cloud, on premise, or on demand. In addition, our configurable software works with your unique workflows. Streamline and automate manual processes and gain real-time inventory visibility. Choose either a stand-alone solution or one that integrates with your ERP. 

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