EDI Solutions


Flexible EDI Deployment Options

Choose the EDI deployment option that’s right for you. If your IT requirements change, Radley professionals will move your database to the deployment technology of your choice—with no costly reimplementation fees.

Hosted On Demand (SaaS)

Integrate Radley software directly in your manufacturing and order entry applications.

  • Automated Software Updates
  • Software Maintained by Radley
  • Available Disaster Recovery
  • Low Cost Monthly Subscription

On Premise

Control your own hardware or meet internal requirements to keep your data “in house.”

  • Installed & Licensed on your Own Server
  • Configurable Mapping
  • Utilize ODBC

On Any Cloud

Enjoy flexibility and control with no licensing and maintenance fees or hardware purchases with cloud EDI software.

  • Flexible Environment Grows with You
  • Software Maintained by Radley
  • No Hardware Purchases
  • Disaster Recovery Included


When Regulatory Compliance is Required

Radley’s Partner, OnLine Tech, is certified for SOX, HIPPA and PCI compliancy.
Together, we can provide an EDI solution to help you meet your regulatory requirements.

Radley software SOC2 audit SOC II compliance EDI solutions

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery, at a remarkably low price.

Radley’s On Demand application service bundled with the Disaster Recovery (DRNow®) option gives you an exemplary IT Service with a full disaster recovery plan that many strive to obtain internally but can never fully achieve.

  • Data snapshot process from a primary data center’s storage area network (SAN)
  • Duplicated data center that is miles away, on a separate power grid
  • Different internet providers to assure that any supplier issues at the primary location don’t affect the backup configuration
  • Fully reserved servers and firewalls that are compliancy tested with data snapshots twice a year

You can rest assured that we not only meet, but even surpass best practices when addressing your disaster recovery concerns.

  • Provides a 4-hour recovery time objective and a 4-hour recovery point.
  • Semi-annual disaster recovery server testing.
  • Servers are fully reserved for recovery purposes.
  • Firewalls, access rules and networks are fully replicated at the recovery location.
  • Replicated location is 50 miles away for the primary location and uses a different power grid and ISP.
  • Data centers are SSAE 16(SOC 1) and SOC 2 audited facilities.

Things to Consider with your EDI Deployment

  • Do you want to supply your own system hardware?
  • Can your IT staff handle backup functions and redundancy?
  • Do you need access to your original EDI data, or will PDF documents suffice?
  • Is having the ability to make changes to your EDI configuration important to you?

Not sure which deployment is right for you? Let the Radley experts help! Contact an EDI Product Specialist today.