Supply Chain Visibility

Corporate viability and economic success rely more and more on superior agility and collaboration capabilities. Companies are discovering that market share is won and lost on the supply chain front. Phone calls, faxes and emails with suppliers are difficult to manage, waste time and can lead to major disruptions in your ability to deliver product on time. 

To succeed, you must be able to control supply chain cost, satisfy customer demand and bring products to market faster than the competition. Supplier collaboration can improve time-to-market performance, reduce inventories and shrink order fulfillment cycle times. As demand, supply, and regulatory conditions continue to shift, utilizing a flexible technology that can be deployed quickly to meet these conditions becomes critical.

iSC is designed to support continuous process improvement for enterprises competing in this time-critical environment by providing a simple, yet powerful, supply chain visibility tool set. iSC capitalizes on the information readily available in your existing applications and provides the tools that will enable you to make dramatic enhancements to your operational efficiency without spending a great deal of time and money on customizations.

Intuitive user navigation, online help and documentation, advanced job scheduling, flexible procurement processing, document archiving and retrieval, report automation, and much more are all standard product features available within iSC.

  • Capitalize on information readily available in your existing business applications!
  • Make dramatic enhancements to your operational efficiency.
  • Minimize the time and money spent on customizations!
Lower Costs and Improve Supplier Visibility with Online Collaboration
Streamlining communication with your suppliers ensures better inventory visibility and more accurate shipments. Internet based, iSC enables the rapid exchange of information between you and your supply base. With only Internet access and a standard Web browser, suppliers can be linked to your demand stream. Use one solution to accommodate the technologies each of your suppliers may use. If your suppliers are EDI capable, all transactions can be transmitted via EDI. If they are not EDI-capable, iSC presents the data in a format they can use.
Simplified Order Fulfillment
Suppliers can enter Advance Shipment Notices (ASNs) online using the simple web forms that are preloaded with the buyer’s order information. Shipments can be maintained by the supplier right up to the moment the truck leaves the dock. Once the shipment is posted by the supplier, the information is immediately updated to the customer order, ensuring the order cannot be shipped twice. When the buyer accepts the shipment, whole or partial, the shipping data can be exported to their application for further processing.  A supplier scorecard is updated after each receipt is posted and is available online.
Define and Designate Label Formats
With iSC you can define and designate the label formats used by your suppliers. Suppliers can print buyer-compliant shipping labels and documents over the Internet. Using buyer-designed label formats for detail, master and mixed load containers, the supplier plays a key role in a more efficient receiving process for the inbound shipment.
Accessible Historical Data
  • Track all exchanged business documents.
  • Easily retrieve historical and archived information.
  • Let your suppliers view historical information via the web.
  • Detailed and Summary Reports are available.