Flexible Deployment OptionsOn Demand, On Premise, or On the Cloud

On Premise, On Demand, or On Any Cloud—Radley has you covered. Choose the option that’s right for you. If your IT requirements change, Radley professionals will move your database to the deployment technology of your choice—with no costly reimplementation fees.

On Demand
Integrate Radley software directly in your manufacturing and order entry applications using Radley’s hosted On Demand solution. With just a low cost monthly subscription, access the full capabilities of Radley EDI without requiring additional IT resources to manage your data. Download the brochure.

On Premise
Installed and licensed on your own server, an On Premise deployment is ideal if you want to control your own hardware or have internal requirements to keep your data or software "in house." Radley’s On Premise option allows full access to your EDI data, as well as greater control over your EDI configuration including transaction mapping, patch application, adding users, personalized menus and security settings.

On the Cloud
Radley on the Cloud provides you with the entire suite of EDI applications as if they were on your own server—including complete application integration. Deployment on the Cloud offers many of the same benefits as our On Demand deployment solution, providing cost-effective flexibility and control, but with no software maintenance fees or hardware purchases. A true Cloud deployment—not a hosting service—Radley's Cloud environment expands as you grow with no interruption to your daily activities. Download the brochure.

Choose the option that works for you!
  • On Demand
    • Automated Software Updates
    • Software Maintained by Radley
    • Available Disaster Recovery
  • On Premise
    • Configurable Mapping
    • Utilize ODBC
  • On the Cloud
    • Flexible Environment Grows with You
    • Software Maintained by Radley
    • No Hardware Purchases
    Disaster Recovery Included

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Honda EDI Certification: Build Versus Buy
Challenge: Unique Solution

Things to consider with your EDI deployment:
  • • Do you want to supply your own system hardware?
  • • Can your IT staff handle backup functions and redundancy?
  • • Do you need access to your original EDI data?
  • • Is having the ability to make changes to your EDI configuration important to you?

Not sure which deployment is right for you? Let the Radley experts help! Contact a Product Specialist today.