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Zebra’s Innovative MC3300 Mobile Computer Offers Unique Scanning Options

Do you need a versatile handheld computer that can capture data but survive the grind of the warehouse? The Zebra MC3300 mobile computer may be your answer.
The MC3300 mobile computer has many unique features that make it an excellent fit for a variety of jobs. The MC3300 features a configurable scanner head resulting in greater productivity, provides superior data capture abilities, and offers ultra-rugged durability.
Warehouses and manufacturers will typically use the MC3300 for inventory management, warehouse management, picking and put-away, parts tracking, voice-directed applications, and more.
Here is a look at the features that set this mobile computer apart from its competition.
Four Scanning Configurations
Ergonomics is necessary for the health and safety of your team because of the repetitive motions employees go through . The Zebra MC3300 mobile computer has different configurations to ensure your workers are always scanning at the right angle, with the proper ergonomics.
Your employees can set up the MC3300 with a pistol-grip, turret with a rotating head, straight shooter, and 0-degree or 45-degree scan. The MC3300 provides options for every possible scanning angle.
World-Class Data Capture
Zebra’s MC3300 gives you the broadest scanning ranges. You can use a single trigger pull to capture multiple barcodes up to 70 feet away. It also performs just as effectively when scanning at short or middle ranges.
Two standard-range scanning options are available: 1D/2D SE4570 and 1D SE965. The extended range comes with the SE4850, which can capture barcodes in hand or on high warehouse racks. All scanning options will capture barcodes in virtually any condition, including scratched, dirty, poorly printed, and covered by shrink-wrap.
Rugged Durability
The MC3300 is a rugged, enterprise-class device. In testing, it survived drops from 5 feet and 1,000 tumbles from 3.2 feet. It’s IP54 sealed against dust and spills, with a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass touchscreen.
Instant Communication
For communication, the MC3300 offers businesses features that allow for connections instantly. Connect anywhere in your facility with the Wi-Fi-enabled WorkForce Connect and push-to-talk capabilities. Workforce Connect Push-to-Talk Express is pre-loaded and pre-licensed onto the device. This means can use the MC3300 as a walkie-talkie right out of the box. It can also double as a handset with Zebra’s Workforce Connect Voice. You’ll be able to customize the screens to make it work how you want it.
Screen and Keypad
The MC3300 offers both a touchscreen and physical keypad. Applications can use the entire display, while the physical keypad allows your workers to use a familiar device.
Your device is ready right out of the box. You can run your legacy Terminal Emulation apps because there is no back-end modification or training needed.
Operating System
Zebra’s Android Operating System powers the MC3300. Zebra Androids have increased security features through Mobility Extensions (Mx) that make the devices enterprise ready. Some Mx technology features include government-grade encryption as well as device lock-down so users can only access one app at a time.
The MC3300 also comes with Zebra’s Mobility DNA suite of workforce mobility apps which simplifies device management. Mobility DNA is a package of 16 tools that allow mobile devices to have distinct enterprise capabilities for business, management, productivity, and development.
We’d be happy to help determine if the MC3300 is right for you. Contact Radley today at or call 616-541-6010 to speak with a product specialist.
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