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The Future of Metal Casting with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The use of the industrial internet of things (IIoT) is becoming more popular. By 2020, estimates are that this market will be worth $151.01 billion. More and more manufacturers are integrating IIoT technology in their plants.
The hope is to simplify manufacturing and gain more control over operations. Metal casting is one of the sectors set to benefit from integrating IIoT solutions. Technology is bringing smart solutions to the forefront. Could we say goodbye to resource management, quality control and downtime tracking?
First, Industry 4.0 is all about communication of devices. We can expect connected machines in a plant to form a vast processing network. Also, machines will operate in synergy and operate remotely. Sensors feed operational data to connected mobile devices. Because of this, manufacturers can automate and check processes.
Next, metal casting furnaces consume a lot of energy. They are also the biggest source of energy loss in metal casting plants. In contrast, future smart industrial furnaces will have temperature monitoring and regulating mechanisms. Also, operators could key in optimal temperature calibrations for various metals.
So, how will manufacturers use all these data analytics? Connected devices will allow them to analyze operational processes and track errors. Access to real-time data will enable manufacturers to notice anomalies in production. Finally, they can adjust their machines to limit defects in finished products.
Sensors on machinery will report on the working condition of machines. Also, operators will be able to instantly track downtime. The best part of this is that besides determining the problem, they will be able to identify its cause. As a result, maintenance and repairs in the factory will be simpler and faster. These improvements could save the plant time and money lost when operation is down.
Manufacturers will use big data to get insight on trends and demand in the metal casting sector. This knowledge will help them to respond to market demands. Several factors will also contribute to resource management in future factory shops. Expect improvements to Inventory control, quality control, energy management, and time savings. As a result, manufacturers will see increased productivity and higher profit margins.
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