Warehouse Automation

Warehouse requirements can vary widely from company to company. In fact, they can vary from warehouse to warehouse within an organization itself. Warehouse automation can encompass activities associated to everything from receiving, storing and shipping materials from production or distribution facilities, to the management of warehouse inventory, labor and machinery. Radley's software products—which automate, streamline and error-proof these activities— are a part of our solution platform that allows you to pick and choose the necessary modules to meet your specific warehouse functionality and associated automation requirements.
The Solution
Radley's platform of EDI and Manufacturing & Warehouse products were designed to work individually, together or integrated to ERP and Business Systems. Our approach to larger organizations requiring WMS functionality is to extend the capabilities of your corporate ERP system to include WMS specific functionality. This provides a single system of record for order processing, inventory control, and shipment process and tracking. It also eliminates the need of integrating and synchronizing multiple systems and their associated data. For smaller companies without a comprehensive ERP system, Radley can provide an extended WMS solution providing all the required system capabilities and database record needs.

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Radley Warehouse Automation Features & Functionality Basics
  • • Flexibility, configurability, scalability, and ease of use
  • Inventory control automation, and location management
  • • System-driven employee task generation and prioritization
  • • Automated system-directed put-away, replenishment, order picking, and cycle counting
  • • Intelligent routing of employees for order picking and inventory tasks
  • • Support for multiple mobile hardware platforms for task automation
  • • Automated error prevention, detection and employee alert notification
  • • Shipment/order fulfillment error prevention with real-time validation against customer order
  • • Product traceability, lot and serial tracking
  • • Containerization, license plating, and product kitting control management
  • • Warehouse metrics and performance reporting
  • • Direct EDI integration to Radley EDI solutions or third-party
  • • Automated labeling to meet customer requirements
  • • Built-in external system integration with flexible data format support