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Cloud Deployment and EDI Managed Services

Radley Corporation has offered Cloud deployment of our EDI software since 2005. Currently, over 150 customers use this multi-tenant environment. So why choose EDI in the Cloud?
Using the Radley suite of products on the cloud provides complete access to the applications. This includes full integration to your enterprise system.
Why Choose EDI in the Cloud?
On-premise deployment is installed and licensed on your own server. In contrast, the Cloud will not require an infrastructure investment.
Your users will monitor errors, process data, and preform all shipping, labeling, scanning, and invoicing processes just as you would if it was installed at your location.  Some other benefits of a cloud deployment are:
  • No large capital expense for hardware or network architecture
  • Maintenance & new releases are completed by Radley professionals
  • Cloud services are fully managed by the provider and you connect using a computer with Internet access.
  • Everything is available including world class disaster recovery architecture and planning.
The Cloud also offers higher data security & redundancy. Your data is stored at a state-of-the-art data center. It is protected behind a secure firewall with default encryption and off-site backup and recovery.
Outsourcing EDI Management
If you are looking to outsource more of your EDI activities besides just hardware, Radley also offers EDI Managed Services to Cloud as well as On Premise customers.
EMS is available full time or part time if you need to provide coverage for EDI functions during vacations or extended absences. Managed Services allow you to focus on critical business activities while Radley manages the day-to-day responsibilities of maintaining your EDI processes.
Radley’s experts perform an analysis of your business processes. We work with you to determine which tasks will be handled by Managed Services.
The scope of Radley Managed Services is defined entirely by you. Use Managed Services for as many of your daily EDI activities as you choose:
  • Ensure inbound and outbound documents to are successfully sent and received
  • Manage automated processes and reporting within the EDI application
  • Track the processing of files to and from your ERP
  • Keep your Radley applications current by applying updated releases
Are you interested in the Cloud or EDI Managed Services? Contact your Account Manager or EDI Customer Service for further details.
Written by Bobbie Jarvi
Technical Support Manager – EDI
Radley Corporation
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