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Top 4 Benefits of Shop Floor HMI Software

Digitalization is spreading throughout the manufacturing sector, improving industrial processes and business methods. Plants and factories are adopting new tools, including automated systems and human machine interface (HMI) software. HMI software provides user-friendly screens and dashboards that workers can use to monitor and operate sophisticated industrial machinery. The software can be installed on PCs, tablets, smartphones, and even smart glasses and other wearables.

Let’s take a brief look at the top 4 benefits that shop floor HMI software can provide your operation.

What does HMI software do?

HMI solutions transform data into meaningful information for operators, managers, and supervisors. They communicate status changes in a machine to a device’s screen, helping a worker to monitor the machine’s functions. The worker can use the screen to control the machine’s functions. HMI software also stores and communicates data to ERP, making data-driven operations possible by contextualizing information for operators, supervisors, and management.

What Are the Top Benefits of Shop Floor HMI Software?

Shop floor HMI offers manufacturers a wide range of benefits, including:

1. Provides operators a single interface to perform real-time interactions. HMI software replaces inefficient manual entry and handwritten lists with system prompts, validations, and automated data collection. Touch screen UI provides real-time visibility into what shop floor machines are doing by providing consistent, reliable messaging on work in progress, count, cycles, and other information.

2. Improves reaction time. HMI software provides alerts, notifications, and other critical information at right time. It enables operators to adjust speed, temperature, and other settings. Also, it gives maintenance reminders to ensure machines continue to operate efficiently and to lower the risk of downtime due to repairs.

3. Offers advanced features. HMI software can incorporate batch controls, recipe management, and other functions to improve operations and efficiency.

4. Reduces operating costs. HMI software enables operators and managers to reduce errors and lower long-term costs by making better operational decisions. Real-time updates are sent to your ERP, providing easy access to data and reports.

Better Insight Through Real-Time Visibility

HMI software provides greater shop floor insight through real-time visibility. Finding the right platform to support your data-driven operations can be a challenge. Usability and scalability are important factors that determine success.

Radley’s HMI is highly configurable, providing machine-level and supervisory HMI while giving you the flexibility to follow your existing rules and business logic. It also offers multilingual displays for diverse workforces. For more information on how HMI can boost your business, contact us for a free consultation and product demo. Or see our article MES Software: Everything You Need to Know.

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