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4 Simple Ways to Improve Warehouse Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Running an efficient warehouse is essential to running an effective manufacturing business. Getting products in the hands of customers accurately and on time requires a responsive warehouse operation, preventing bottlenecks or human errors from grinding action to an expensive halt. Modern warehouse technologies can help manufacturers identify and prevent costly mistakes. Here are 4 ways to improve warehouse efficiency and reduce costs:


Embrace automation.
By 2026, the global logistics automation market is expected to reach $82.3 billion. As such, it’s no wonder that manufacturers are making significant investments in warehouse automation. Automation software makes it possible to streamline warehouse functions. Not only does automation allow warehouses to schedule and execute common workflows automatically, but it also affords employees the opportunity to focus on higher-value tasks.
Go paperless.
Physical documents are a relic of the 20th-century warehouse. They require workers to record tasks and account for information by hand. Warehouses that continue to depend on inefficient, error-prone manual processes cannot compete against connected logistics operations. Paperless warehouse solutions can help any manufacturer stay connected throughout the entire organization in real-time. Automated processes from inventory management to wireless RFID container tracking produce results.
Stay connected.
The internet-of-things (IoT) allows warehouse equipment, mobile devices, and software to wirelessly communicate. As a result, warehouse efficiency improves. Outfitting machinery, tools, and containers with smart industrial internet-of-things (IIoT) sensors can provide warehouses with comprehensive information that transforms a standard workflow into an intelligent workflow.
Trust real-time data.
Modern warehouses can relay information about items, packages, and machines as soon as it becomes available. Flexible warehouse management software can catch mistakes in the fulfillment process through real-time data validation. Warehouse metrics and reporting can paint an accurate picture of on-the-floor performance. Thus, identifying bottlenecks and other production-related issues can be an easy process.
Radley’s comprehensive warehouse management software offers a scalable solution for any type of warehouse. Available as a standalone or integrated solution, Radley’s WMS makes eliminating errors and improving performance simple. For more information on Radley’s WMS platform and ways to improve warehouse efficiency, contact a product specialist today! Or learn more in our article, Warehouse Management Systems: A Complete Guide.
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