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Improve Warehouse Efficiency With Task Management Software

Optimizing warehouse processes can be a constant challenge. Many companies use a system to manage their warehouses, such as WMS. This system helps keep track of inventory, allow faster picking of orders, and takes advantage of other benefits. Deploying a warehouse task management software solution provides another way to boost efficiency in your warehouse or distribution center.

Streamline Warehouse Activities

A robust task management software solution helps warehouses monitor and manage workload distribution to reduce redundant processes. It organizes multistep tasks into a single workflow for assignment to warehouse staff, based on location, skill or priority. Tasks can be generated either manually, by floor personnel using mobile devices, or automatically, based on real-time communications with your ERP.

Warehouse task management software also provides real-time visibility into when and where tasks are completed –and by whom. It enables managers to advantage of workers’ location in the warehouse, as well as their status and skills. Workers can be assigned tasks — put-away, picking, and replenishment — based on priority, security level, work zones, and more.

Incorporate Interleaving

Even better, task management software can control the interleaving of tasks. Task interleaving organizes tasks into a logical sequence. Replenishments, picking and counts are completed in a logical sequence, simultaneously, reducing travelling time. “Companies often find productivity gains of 10-20% when moving to interleaving”, according to Logistics News.

The software assigns more than one task at a time. Task interleaving is a way of scheduling tasks in a picking area so that more tasks can be picked at the same time.

Some things to take into account are the location, importance and proximity of the tasks. By combining and sequencing tasks for greater efficiency, interleaving reduces deadheading and downtime. It also eliminates the need for reassignment every time a task is complete.

Task interleaving may not be ideal for some warehouses. To maximize efficiency, machines, tools, and other resources need to be placed in optimal locations. You may need to analyze your warehouse design for compatibility and make adjustments to take advantage of interleaving’s efficiencies.

Enjoy Many Benefits

You can enjoy a wide range of benefits by incorporating task management software into your operation,


  • Eliminating nonproductive activities
  • Lowering waits and wasted time
  • Reducing deadheading
  • Automating data collection and the flow of information
  • Seeing labor data in real time to make better business decisions

All of these benefits increase productivity and boost your bottom line.

Find the Right Solution

To take advantage of the benefits of task management software, find a solution that’s flexible and scalable. Also, be sure that it’s easy to integrate into your business system without requiring costly customizations to your ERP. Learn more about how Radley’s Task Management Software can transform your warehouse. Contact us today for a free consultation and demo. Or learn more in our article, Warehouse Management Systems: A Complete Guide.

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