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How software can help you prepare for food safety audits

Food safety is an issue of critical importance for food enterprises around the world. According to the CDC, approximately 48 million people a year become sick from a food borne illness. These cases lead to the hospitalization of more than 128,000 and the deaths of at least 3,000. Without measures in place to verify food safety, businesses can jeopardize both public health and their reputation.

Food safety audits are a critical function for food producers, manufacturers, and distributors. They help reduce the risk of food contamination by monitoring common manufacturing procedures. Many food safety audits are also required by government organizations. They require companies to assess product safety on a frequent, ongoing basis.

Yes, undergoing a food safety audit can be a significant undertaking. Food companies must be prepared to withstand inquiries to the manufacturing process.

Manufacturers are familiar with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). But to stay compliant and ready to handle unannounced audits, good manufacturing practices are just the start. To ensure compliance, proper record keeping is now a must.

Typical traceability audits feature a technique known as a vertical trace. This requires food manufacturers to produce complete records related to a particular lot number.

From raw materials to finished products, manufacturers must be able to document ingredients in the event of contamination, mislabeling, or recall. Accurate labeling and traceability are essential to passing food safety audits.

Traceability Software Ensures You’re Prepared for an Audit

A comprehensive food safety management system helps food manage the cost and quality of food safety audits. These software offer food companies a host of functionality for full supply chain visibility.

Highly configurable to any food’s specific type of manufacturing process, traceability software can help record and track properties. These include a specific lot, supplier, expiration date, sample, quality, and weight. Trace ingredients and finished products back to any source using RFID tags, barcode scanning, and a comprehensive database.

The system collects data from critical control points in the manufacturing process. As a result, key data is available to meet regulatory requirements.

Radley Corporation’s food traceability solutions can help prepare manufacturers for food safety audits. No matter the workflow or product, Radley can help meet the needs of even the most rigorous food safety audit. To learn more about how to prepare for a food safety audit, contact Radley today.

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