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migrate to Android OS from WindowsMicrosoft has ended support for all Windows-embedded handheld devices. As of January 14, 2020, you will no longer receive support, maintenance or software updates.

What does this mean for your company? It’s true that your Windows-enabled devices will continue to function after the deadline. However, there are serious consequences for running unsupported devices. The first of these is the very-real threat of security issues. Without the latest security patches and updates, your company’s corporate network could be vulnerable to security breaches.

In addition to substantial security risks, your go-to resources for maintenance and technical support issues will no longer be available. This leaves your in-house IT team responsible when things go wrong. Are they prepared to trouble-shoot a damaged/malfunctioning device, install new applications that aren’t compatible with Windows?


Now is the time to develop your migration plan. Radley’s expert team can help through our Android OS Migration Services!

  • Scope – Understanding how you’re currently using mobile devices and defining your future needs
  • Planning – Deciding how many devices you’ll need and selecting the best models for your unique workflows
  • Testing & Implementation – Ensure connectivity, security and configuration requirements are met and functionality meets your expectations
  • Training & Support – Choose from remote or on-site training options to make sure your team is ready to make the most of your investment


Zebra and Intermec mobile computer We understand that undergoing a total migration of all the devices your company uses can be a daunting task. Radley now offers a mobile user interface (UI) for users of Honeywell and Zebra devices. The mobile UI allows you to keep your current Windows-enabled devices and upgrade to run on Android UI once the Windows UI is phased out. With a mix of old and new hardware running Windows OS and Android OS, you can phase in replacement costs over time. So you can manage costs while still enjoying full productivity. There is also an option for upgrading your current Windows devices to the new Android software version.

Ask us about discounts available through current hardware Trade-In programs.


If you have a legacy application built on Win Mobile, we can help through our Android migration services! Even if your legacy applications still work on an Android platform, they may become unstable. This may cause slower performance or frequent crashes and failures. Radley can upgrade, modernize or migrate your existing legacy applications. All this with no disruption to your operations. We’ll assess your company’s needs and processes to create a road map for your success.
Radley can help you choose the right strategy for your business. We’ll help you define your current and future hardware needs. Also, we can help you select new Android-compatible devices and migrate legacy applications. Contact a product specialist today to get started.

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