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5 Reasons to use Android in your Warehouse

Android’s mobility genius is completely transforming the workplace. Its familiarity, versatility, and security have made it the world’s most popular, dominant mobile operating system (OS). That is why, in a time where speed and accuracy are paramount in warehousing operations, more and more companies are transitioning to Android OS-based devices.

From the wide range of devices to the increased levels of security, there are a number of reasons to make the switch. Here are the top 5 reasons to use Android in your warehouse.


Android is a secure, enterprise-grade operating system. Over the years, Android has demonstrated a steady history of security enhancements, such as NSA “Security Enhanced” (SELinux) features, per-users VPN, and Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR).

Android continues to improve by providing regular security updates and patches that come out more quickly than other operating systems. The Android platform has robust security features built-in that include data security, app security, and device security.


Android is an open source operating system with a global network of developers and a number of resources to make device and software support even simpler. Because Android is the most widely used interface, it is readily compatible with mobility management policies.


Android has been strengthening its operating system with more and more enterprise-friendly capabilities, including improved mobile device and enterprise mobility management (MDM/EMM), more application programming interfaces (APIs) and more programs for OEMs to meet the needs of today’s logistics and fulfillment operations.

Since 2010, a vast amount of work has gone into optimizing Android for enterprise usage. If you look back to Microsoft OS version updates, there was an average of 2.5 years between each.

With Android, there is an OS transition annually, meaning better enhancements and functionality all the time. Speed of delivery is paramount for all warehouse and supply chain fulfillment organizations right now, which means the technology that drives them must be equally as fast…if not more so.


Migrating operating systems is only half of the story. To gain more functionality, easier access to parts, better battery life, and enhanced worker productivity, upgrading your warehouse devices themselves is essential. With hundreds of options, the variety of Android powered devices is unparalleled.

And most importantly…


Supported by a massive development community across the globe, Android is incredibly agile and easy to customize and deploy. Integration with existing systems is made simple and compatibility issues are eliminated because Android is the most widely used operating system.

Favored by more than 80% of smartphone users worldwide, Android will be familiar to most of your workforce, which also means less training will be required on the basics and less usability issues. Despite the initial cost of upgrading, this transition will leave your warehouse more efficient and more secure.

Android has positioned itself as an OS of choice for warehouse and logistics operations. When companies want the flexibility of a mobile device without sacrificing security and reliability, it is the system they choose.

Zebra has the largest range of enterprise-optimized Android devices in the business, purpose built to maximize business agility, mobility, and productivity. Together, Zebra and Android boost speed and accuracy in warehousing. Radley can help you choose the best Zebra solution for your warehouse operations. Contact us today for more information on reasons to use Android in your warehouse.

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