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3 Benefits of a Steel Tracking System from Shop to Site

Why should you use a steel tracking system? Steel fabrications can consist of hundreds of assemblies and machined components. Steel manufacturers face field and in-house administrative challenges keeping track of these items.
Along the production line, blind spots along can lead to quality issues or material waste. Also, lack of visibility can increase production time and labor costs.
Plus, without tracking components, fabricators risk losing profit. Frequent field-to-shop inquiries use resources to verify delivery of components to the site.
But technology solutions provide real opportunity for improvement. Visibility from the manufacturing facility to the job site can bring benefits for steel manufacturers.  
Visibility to Quality & Status
With Work-In-Progress (WIP) tracking, each product in the manufacturing process goes through a similar data collection process. Managers can trace specific data, from lots and serial numbers, to manufacturing status.
Error-Proof Data
Tracking steel manufactured components at the job site requires a unique solution. An integrated software solution automates manual data entry functions and reduces errors. Through either barcoding or RFID technology, it captures accurate data at each point in the process. Plus, it automatically validates the data against the system of record.
Real-Time Part Tracking
Whether in the office or in the field, all data is accessible on mobile platforms as well as desktop. This allows delivery verification or status reports of components still on the shop floor.
Visibility to material location at the job site offers a value-added service to customers. With the right steel tracking system, errors and paperwork end, and projects go from shop to site without costly re-runs.
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