EDI Managed ServicesRelief from day-to-day EDI tasks

EDI Managed Services (EMS) provide relief from the day-to-day responsibilities of monitoring and trouble shooting tasks associated with maintaining a Business to Business EDI system. Based on your individual needs, you can use EMS for as many or as few of your daily EDI activities as you choose.
How EMS Works
To get things started, we work with you to determine which of your activities could be handled by EMS. Next we perform a detailed analysis of your daily EDI business processes. This includes identifying what departments are directly impacted by EDI, the contact points for those departments, and their critical information needs. The end result of this analysis is a document that will detail your EDI business process and enable Radley's EDI professionals to manage your EDI operation. 

Managed services are available through annual subscriptions or on an as-needed basis if you just want temporary EDI services for your key individuals during vacations or extended absences. The scope of EMS is defined entirely by you.
Reduce the cost of manually monitoring processes
Radley EMS professionals will monitor your system at key times through out the day. To be as efficient and proactive as possible, our Business Activity Monitor can be used to provide visual intelligence and generate alerts pertaining to your key events. Because the Business Activity Monitor is configured to notify EMS about your critical events and key information, Radley will always react quickly and effectively.
Effective Results
  • Lower operational expenditures
  • Improve predictability and responsiveness
  • Focus on core competencies
  • Align IT investments with optimal business returns
  • Improve efficiency of internal staff
  • Eliminate risk of increased IT labor shortage
  • Accelerate application deployment and faster ROI
  • Simplify your business
With Radley's EDI Managed Services You:
  • • Eliminate the expense of hiring and training full time EDI staff
  • • Take advantage of Radley’s Industry and Product expertise
  • • Receive timely responses to critical and day-to-day issues
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Sample of What's available

Monitor inbound and outbound documents to ensure that they are successfully sent and received.   EMS can take corrective action to address any issues.
Monitor the translation process for inbound and outbound data. EMS can take corrective action to address issues that can be resolved within the EDI application. EMS will work with your Customer Service and Accounting Departments for issues that need to be resolved by them or within your ERP.
Manage automated processes and reporting within the EDI application.  EMS proactively identifies best practices and can implement additional automation to make you and EMS more efficient.
Monitor the hand off and processing of files to and from your ERP and take appropriate corrective action when necessary.  You remain in control of any corrective action that needs to take place within your ERP application.
Optional services to apply patches to keep your Radley applications up to date.
New Trading Partners
Monitor new trading partners during go-live to ensure a smooth transition.
Reports & Meetings
Radley EMS experts can participate in planning and status meetings related to EDI as needed

Maintain a journal and provide status reports as needed. The EMS journal documents problems, issues, significant events and hours used to allow you to track and review activity from week to week