Flexible, Open Architecture

Using modern technology, our web-enabled EDI, release management, supply chain, and data collection products are integrated into many major ERP applications and supported as standard functionality. Radley has many years of extensive experience providing EDI and data collection solutions for QAD, IFS, FabTrol, SyteLine, Oracle, Glovia, Consona ERP's, B&L Information Systems, SAP Business One, Epicor, and Aptean DTR users, to name just a few.

Integration — nothing to be afraid of.

The majority of large organizations are using a number of different solutions, whether purchased or home grown to make their business processes’ run smoothly.  Radley has successfully integrated its products to well over twenty business systems including large ERP’s and financial systems.   When selecting a technology provider, the ability to integrate with existing solutions and allow for growth often becomes a crucial factor.  Don’t be afraid of a custom integration!  Web services and API’s that are built into our software provide easy integration to almost any business system.  

integration technology
In addition to ERP and business system integrations, Radley Solutions can also integrate with:
  • PLC’s
  • RFID
  • Automated Retrieval Systems
  • Scales
  • Automated Handling Equipment
  • MES
  • Proximity Sensors
What exactly are web services and API’s and why do they matter for integrating solutions?

Web services (also called application services) extend the World Wide Web infrastructure to allow software to connect to other software applications. Essentially, web services allow data to be transmitted across the internet by using a familiar programming methodology. This technology simplifies the integration development and drastically makes connecting Radley products to systems easier.

An application programming interface (API) specifies how different software components should interact with each other. Often used to make it easier to develop or integrate a solution by providing all the building blocks the programmer will need; APIS’s are a library of specifications if you will, for how the software works. While API’s are invisible to the user and run silently in the background, they provide a crucial channel for solution applications to work with each other, making sure the user gets the functionality and information they need.

Radley’s product development team incorporated the above technologies into our software with the sole purpose of making our solution easier and less expensive to support custom and/or complex integrations. Contact us for more information about our integration capabilities.