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Insider Tip: Are You Using EDI To Its Full Potential?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is one of the most efficient ways to exchange business documents between business partners. EDI replaces paper, email, and spreadsheets to successfully exchange business data such as orders, invoices, advance ship notices, and more.

EDI is used worldwide and gives companies the ability to automate and integrate their business process which leads to faster procurement, quicker shipments, and allows companies to run much leaner. However, once an EDI system is in place, its processes may need occasional updates to ensure it is being used to its full potential.

It is not unusual to find that process flows and personnel may have changed a lot since you began using your Radley EDI solutions. For example, your company’s multiple facilities may no longer follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) and one facility does things totally different than another facility. Perhaps one facility prints their EDI shipping labels out of iCARaS while another prints them out of their ERP system. If your long-term goals include expanding your business, SOPs make your proven work processes portable. New employees at new locations can use the SOPs to replicate the products and services provided at your original place of business, ensuring peak efficiency and consistency of your preferred process.

Beyond changes to your company’s personnel, locations or workflows, Radley EDI has changed too! Radley software has been evolving over the years to help our customers be as efficient as possible and continue to meet trading partner requirements. With each Radley update, release notes are included to explain some of the new functionality that is available. Be sure to review these notes to understand the benefits of implementing the latest features.

How can you know you’re getting the most from your Radley solution? It may be time for a review of your processes. Radley consultants can work with your personnel to map out your process flow and give recommendations. Making a few changes or turning on new enhancements could improve your customer service and streamline operations. A small investment in an operational analysis can help you stay ahead of the competition and increase savings. To get started, contact your Radley Account Manager for more information.

Contributed by
Bobbie Jarvi, Technical Support Manager
Radley EDI Division – Southfield, MI

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