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iR*EDI or iCARaS Login Error

A common issue reported by our Radley EDI users is that their web browser says they cannot log into iR*EDI or iCARaS. Typically they either get some type of Internet Explorer error or when they try to enter their login information on the solution login screen, they get a message saying that their “password is invalid”. This is almost always the result of one of two things that can be resolved quickly.

Trusted Site
The iCARaS/iR*EDI URL is not specified as a “trusted site” in Internet Explorer. The site URL can be added on the Internet Options panel located under the gear in the upper right corner of your browser. Under the Security Tab click on Trusted Sites to open the dialog box.

Compatibility View is not enabled under IE’s “compatibility view” settings. The site can be added on the Compatibility View panel located under the Tools menu. Depending on the version of Internet Explorer you are using, the steps for updating/changing settings will slightly differ. These settings are often changed after an IE update is automatically installed by Windows, so be sure to double check it after updates are installed to your computer.

If you cannot find where to add the URL as a trusted site, compatibility settings or are using a different browser, ask your companies’ IT Support Group or System Administrator, etc. Of course, you can always contact Radley’s EDI Technical Support group and they can talk you through the steps to resolve any issue.

Contributed by Kim Vendetti
EDI Support Manager, Radley Corporation

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