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Insider Tip: Streamline Shipments Using Radley QuickShip

Automotive manufacturers may have complex shipping processes complicated by customer labeling requirements and the need for tracking capabilities to ensure you ship the correct parts to the right customers. Your process is prone to errors and time consuming manual tasks. These manual procedures slow down your shipping process and can lead to costly shipping mistakes. How can you streamline and simplify shipping to track shipments and boost productivity?

Radley’s QuickShip Shipment Scanning solution adds accuracy, eliminates manual tasks and decreases errors in your shipment process. QuickShip captures and validates shipment information, verifying the accuracy of the product being shipped against the Shipper data in Radley’s iCARaS EDI.

  • Capture & Validate Shipment Information
  • Create Master/Mixed Labels & Pallet/Container Relationships
  • Integrate End-of-Line Labeling Capabilities

You can complete the QuickShip shipment scanning solution with the latest Honeywell scanners and devices, printers and labels.

Learn more about how Radley QuickShip Shipment Scanning can help to streamline and simplify the automotive shipment process. Contact a product specialist today.

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