Insider Tip: Are You Ready for the End of Windows?

Several Honeywell Intermec devices are reaching their end-of-life. Add to this, by 2020 Windows operating systems will be replaced by Android. Are you ready for the end of Windows? If you’re wondering what this means for you, here are some frequently asked questions to help you navigate these changes.

Do I have to replace my current Intermec CK71 or CK3 devices?

• Although these popular devices have reached end-of-life, you do not necessary need to replace them. Radley and Honeywell Intermec will continue to offer support for two years following the official end-of-life. However, no new devices of these models can be purchased.

In 2020, will my existing Windows devices suddenly stop working?

• Your Windows devices will continue to work as usual. However, you will no longer receive support, maintenance or software updates from Honeywell Intermec or Radley support.

Are there benefits of using Android, or any differences in functionality?

• There is no real advantage or functionality difference of Android versus Windows.

Will my Radley software work on Android devices?

• Radley has developed an Android-compatible software version which will run on Honeywell Intermec or Zebra Android devices. There is also an option for upgrading your current Windows devices to the new Android software version. Your Radley software can also be used on tablets. Ask your Radley Account Manager for upgrade details.

Mobile OS Transition Services

Radley can help you choose the right Android Migration strategy for your business. Click here to learn more.