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Return to Full Schedule

When the current industry shutdowns are over and production comes back to full schedule after COVID-19, we want to make sure we highlight a few features in iCARaS that may assist you in your return.

High Fab and Raw

Suppliers can reference the data on the high fab and raw report to protect against having to absorb the cost of over-purchasing or over-producing a given part if the trading partner lowers these authorizations at a later date.

iCARaS stores the data that identifies the highest Fab and Raw authorizations with the corresponding release in the Part/Destination file.


Other reports that can assist you with the data analysis include Total Requirements, Daily Requirement Summary, Net Change and Release report comparison from Forecast to Firm.

Total Requirements

The Total Requirements report is designed to show the total quantity required for a specific part and all of its divisions/destinations. The information on this report includes an eight week period beginning with the Monday of the current week. This report also shows a total of the quantities required beyond that eight week period and a grand total required for each part.

Daily Requirement Summary

The Daily Requirements Summary report by Part shows a breakdown of the quantity that actually needs to be shipped based on a comparison of the trading partner’s Daily/JIT requirements and the supplier’s year to date cumulative quantity. It includes the number of days requirements specified, starting with the current date.

Net Change Report

The Net Change report displays any changes that the trading partner has made to requirements based on a comparison of the most recently received release and the release previously received. This report is grouped by part number and destination, and includes the new requirements, old requirements, cumulative quantity change, net change, and the net change quantity or cumulative quantity percent.

Release History Comparison from Firms to Forecasts

The Release History Comparison report is used to compare releases received from a trading partner. A comparison can be made between  Firms and Forecast requirements, so a supplier can quickly see when requirements change and inquiries should be made.



We also want to make sure you are aware that if you are temporarily making any relief or PPE-type products and need to setup a Non-EDI trading partner, we can assist you with the setup.  iCARaS has a CSV import interface to allow orders that might otherwise be manually entered to be automated. We also have imports for the address and part modules to speed up the setup processes.

Should you need assistance with any of these iCARaS reports, please reach out to our support team at 248-559-6503 or via the customer portal.

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