How To – Get the Most out of Your Radley Solution

Whether you’ve recently implemented your Radley solution or have been running our software for years we want to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment. Rolling out a new system can be a big effort involving numerous levels of management, staff and most often multiple vendors and consultants. With the focus generally on the end game, going live with your new solution, it’s not uncommon for some details to get lost along the way. Circling back after initial implementation and annually thereafter can help you ensure you and your staff are up to date on general use, troubleshooting and reporting issues, upgrades and potential process gaps.

Know Your Solution

You’d be surprised how often we get a call from customers who just implemented their solution and they inquire if they can do something, run a certain report or perform a specific transaction and we inform them that the functionality is present and active. Sometimes the caller wasn’t involved in the training or was brought into the project towards the end.  A lot of the time, they just don’t remember! Even more common is staff turnover, when the project lead or person(s) who received training is no longer with your company.  While we do our best to provide comprehensive training and instruction on our software, sometimes one session just isn’t enough, especially during that hectic implementation period.

  • Keep a copy of your project’s Statement of Work for reference
  • Utilize EDI on-line documentation
  • Schedule bi-annual training refreshes

Gap Analysis

To our long time, loyal Radley customers we ask “How has your business changed since you purchased and implemented our software?”  When your processes and requirements evolve more than likely your software will need to as well. Engaging in a gap analysis also brings visibility to undocumented processes and areas for improvement.

  • Labeling requirements
  • Trading Partners
  • Compliance
  • Additional facilities
  • Reporting
  • Aging hardware
  • New ERP transactions

Upgrades & Patches

Another way to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment is staying up to date with available patches and upgrades. If you aren’t sure what version you are running or if there are any updates for your specific solution, be sure to reach out to Support or your designated Account Manager.

Technical Support

Your Radley Customer Service Team is here to help! The worst thing we can hear from a customer is that they’ve been working around an issue that they’ve never reported to us. Take advantage of the knowledge and experience gained from servicing customers from all over the world and reach out with questions, concerns and issues. We make it easy by providing in-house representatives you can call or email or simply log into the on-line Customer Portal.  Make sure your team knows who to call, when and what information they need to have ready.

  • Designate a staff member on each shift to report issues to Radley
  • Reference available Support Documentation
  • Document information and trouble-shooting tips for quick reference