How To: Get Technical Issues Resolved Faster

It never fails that you experience an issue with your Radley software at the worst time; in the middle of a production run, reviewing business documents or shipping out products; that’s why it’s called an issue right?  Operational efficiency is what our customers are striving for so we take any downtime or interruption in your business very seriously.

Customers from all over the world interact with our two support centers on a daily basis.  One group is based out of Southfield, Michigan and receives requests on our eCommerce EDI solutions.  The other based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan handles requests on hardware and software for our Manufacturing and Warehouse solutions.  We’ve developed our own Customer Service Software solution called RadTrack to manage our support requests; assign tickets, prioritize requests and communicate with our customers.  RadTrack helps us achieve our support commitments by allowing us to monitor and analyze open tickets, response times and identify ways to improve our product offerings.

We asked members of our technical support teams along with a few customers to put together some tips and suggestions for how to get an issue you encounter resolved as fast as possible.

  1. Communication

There is often turnover and transition within departments where the person responsible for calling in or entering in a support ticket moves on and his/her replacement isn’t made aware of how to report an issue or what information to include.  The support team suggests you document the preferred contact method; call, email or using the customer portal and a list of the details that should be included in the report and then post it somewhere your staff and team can see it.  A Radley Data Collection/Labor Tracking/Hardware user noted, “We have one guy on each shift who has been put in charge of communicating any issues to Radley.  If anyone on his team has questions or runs into problems, they go to him.  That way we don’t have 5 guys reporting the same issue”.

2. Be Specific

Each of our customers has their own unique business process, requirements and is often using a combination of Radley solutions and hardware.  While the products you’re using and how they are configured is documented and filed away in your Statement of Work, our support team hasn’t memorized them for the 600+ customers we serve.  Have the key details of your issue ready and prepared before you contact support.  The more information you can provide in the request, the more quickly it can be resolved.

Here are a few examples from the support team on how you can be specific:

  • When possible, include screenshots of your issue or error you’re receiving.
  • Use a descriptive subject line when sending an email.
    • Do this: “System down, unable to complete scanning of receiving load” Not this:  “Need help.”
  • Know the actual date and time the issue or problem took place.
    • This helps us narrow down the event logs and better pinpoint an error. When a customer leaves a message or sends us an email, especially over a weekend or after hours but doesn’t tell us exactly when the event took place, we don’t know where to start and it can potentially delay our responsiveness.
  • What environment did the issue occur in? Test or Production?
    • If you’re working with a new build in your test environment, troubleshooting your issue might require the help of the Solution Specialist working on your project and we need to notify them as soon as possible.
  • Who was logged in and experiencing the issue?
    • Be prepared to provide the User Name and exactly what they were doing at the time of the issue. For Example, the transaction name, prompt within the transaction or the report name and what filters applied, etc.
  • What location did the issue take place within the organization?
    • Most of our customers have multiple locations and facilities and often their software and sometimes the configuration of their solutions are different by location. We also might have different remote access restrictions depending on the specific facility.
  • Know the hardware device or printer’s details.
    • Be sure to know the type, model, serial number, “name” or IP address of the device or printer you’re reporting an issue on.

Feel free to contact the Radley Support team to help you through any technical issues:

EDI Support – 248-559-6503

Data Collection Support – 616-541-1008