Did You Know? – Radley’s Solutions are Available in the Cloud

Radley customers know that our solutions automate processes, streamline workflows and reduce errors. But did you know you can get these benefits through deployment on the Cloud? You may have heard about the “Cloud” (insert a confused look up into the sky here), but what is Cloud deployment and how can it benefit your company?

Cloud deployment has existed for several years. In fact, many of Radley’s EDI customers are already enjoying its benefits. In contrast to on-premise deployment which is installed and licensed on your own server, the Cloud does not require an infrastructure investment. You simply rent space on Radley’s hardware, accessing applications as if they were on your own server—including complete application integration to your ERP. Deployment on the Cloud offers cost-effective flexibility and control, but with no software maintenance fees or hardware purchases. A true Cloud deployment—not a hosting service—Radley’s Cloud environment expands as you grow with no interruption to your daily activities.

Benefits of Radley in the Cloud:

  • Always have access to the current software version
  • No costly hardware maintenance
  • Secure data storage behind state-of-the-art data center firewalls
  • Free up your IT staff
  • Flexible environment grows with you

Are you interested in the Cloud but already using an on-premise deployment? No problem! Radley professionals will move your database to the deployment technology with no costly reimplementation fees. To learn more about Radley’s Cloud deployment option, ask your account manager for details or contact a product specialist today!