Daily Shipping Reports

Shipper Maintenance in iCARaS will maintain all shipments until moved to Shipping History using the Daily Shipping Report with the purge option selected. Maintaining shippers in Shipper Maintenance for years can result in losing the ability to query or quickly run reports against the shipper files due to the size of the files. The function of the Daily Shipping report is to move shipments from Shipper Maintenance to Shipping History, thereby keeping the shipper files manageably sized. Restoring from Shipping History will put a copy of the shipper back into Shipper Maintenance again, if needed.

The Daily Shipping Report is located in iCARaS under Shipping Functions > Daily Shipping Report. Many options are available when running this report. The help documentation available within iCARaS on the Daily Shipping Report screen explains the available options in detail.

The Daily Shipping Report can be setup as a scheduled job in iCARaS or run manually as needed. If you have not run the Daily Shipping Report before or if it has not run recently, you may need to run the Daily Shipping Report in smaller date increments, until caught up. Submitting the Daily Shipping Report job to the iScheduler is recommended and executing the job is discouraged.

If you have question or need additional information on the implementing the Daily Shipping Report, please call Radley Customer Support at (248)559-6503.

Contributed by
Paula Simpson, Support Analyst
Radley EDI Division- Southfield, MI